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23.05.2024 15:10
highwirepress (

New Blog Post!

Explore the world of AI in scholarly communication with Tony Alves' latest blog post covering his lessons from the STM US Annual Conference.

Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping research offices, enhancing collaboration, and redefining roles within academia.

Read the full blog post here:

#ScholarlyPublishing #AI #DigitalTransformation #STMConference #FutureOfResearch

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23.05.2024 15:09
davdittrich (

Are #AI chatbots behaviorally similar to humans?
Andreas does not fully agree with
and argues "…that this is a mis-specified (not to say: silly) question as it depends on the circumstances in which humans find themselves."

I tend to agree with him.


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23.05.2024 15:05
remixtures (

#AI #GenerativeAI #OpenAI #BigTech #SiliconValley: "Company documents obtained by Vox with signatures from Altman and Kwon complicate their claim that the clawback provisions were something they hadn’t known about. A separation letter on the termination documents, which you can read embedded below, says in plain language, “If you have any vested Units ... you are required to sign a release of claims agreement within 60 days in order to retain such Units.” It is signed by Kwon, along with OpenAI VP of people Diane Yoon (who departed OpenAI recently). The secret ultra-restrictive NDA, signed for only the “consideration” of already vested equity, is signed by COO Brad Lightcap.

Meanwhile, according to documents provided to Vox by ex-employees, the incorporation documents for the holding company that handles equity in OpenAI contains multiple passages with language that gives the company near-arbitrary authority to claw back equity from former employees or — just as importantly — block them from selling it.

Those incorporation documents were signed on April 10, 2023, by Sam Altman in his capacity as CEO of OpenAI."

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23.05.2024 15:03
remixtures (

#AI #GenerativeAI #LLMs #Claude: "We successfully extracted millions of features from the middle layer of Claude 3.0 Sonnet, (a member of our current, state-of-the-art model family, currently available on, providing a rough conceptual map of its internal states halfway through its computation. This is the first ever detailed look inside a modern, production-grade large language model.
Whereas the features we found in the toy language model were rather superficial, the features we found in Sonnet have a depth, breadth, and abstraction reflecting Sonnet's advanced capabilities.
We see features corresponding to a vast range of entities like cities (San Francisco), people (Rosalind Franklin), atomic elements (Lithium), scientific fields (immunology), and programming syntax (function calls). These features are multimodal and multilingual, responding to images of a given entity as well as its name or description in many languages."

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23.05.2024 15:02
remixtures (

#EU #AI #AIAct: "Yesterday, at the Council of the European Union, Member States adopted the AI Act to regulate Artificial Intelligence systems. This step marks the final adoption of this legislation under discussion since 2021, and initially presented as an instrument to protect rights and freedoms in the face of the AI steamroller. In the end, far from the initial promises and emphatic comments, this text is tailor-made for the tech industry, European police forces as well as other large bureaucracies eager to automate social control. Largely based on self-regulation, crammed with loopholes, the AI Act will prove largely incapable of standing in the way of the social, political and environmental damage linked to the proliferation of AI."

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23.05.2024 14:59
weirdwriter (

So you all should know. When you create a new MicroBlog account, AI is enabled by default. Go into account settings and disable it. I wish I could find my reply to MicroBlog website boy but I asked why is this opt out instead of opt in and he said some strange reply about how not everyone wants it, leaving me to think he doesn't understand what opt out design is VS opt in design. And then I find these posts below. Defending OpenAI and otherwise.



#AI #MicroBlog #Blog #Privacy #Tech

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23.05.2024 14:38
glynmoody (

Michael Schumacher’s family win legal case against publisher over fake #AI interview -

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23.05.2024 14:37
ShaelRiley (
Title: Grabovoi Boi - Clear Financial Blockages!!
Prompt: powerful trailblazing restorative trap, record scratching, deep male baritone voice #music #manifest #manifestation #manifestationmusic #grabovoicodes #grabovoinumbers #magic #trap #trapmusic #grabovoi #listenable #aimusic #aiaudio #ai #breakthrough

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23.05.2024 14:35
MelaNews (

Truecaller collabora con Microsoft per permettere alla sua AI di rispondere alle chiamate spam con la tua voce. Questa funzione sfrutta l'intelligenza artificiale per imitare la voce dell'utente. #Truecaller #Microsoft #AI 📞

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23.05.2024 14:34
afisch (

#Microsoft klärt über das neue Recall #AI feature auf:

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23.05.2024 14:29
knowprose (

#China #ai cutting costs.

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23.05.2024 14:26
thejapantimes (

Japan's AI Strategy Council plans to begin discussing as early as this summer regulations aimed at mainly developers of generative artificial intelligence. #japan #sciencehealth #ai #sanaetakaichi #diet

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