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19.04.2024 21:47
funcrunch (

A Chinese #domain #registrar contacts me whenever someone asks to register the .cn version of a domain that one of my email addresses is linked to. I've explained several times that some of these domains aren't even mine, and regardless I have no interest in registering any .cn domain names or internet keywords. They invariably reply with boilerplate messages ignoring the content of my previous responses, no matter how many times I've told them the same thing.


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19.04.2024 21:38
funcrunch (

A rant thread about three unrelated things that cause me frequent irritation that all converged today:

• Clueless #Doordash delivery people
• Clueless Chinese web #domain #registrar
• Clueless about where to get reliable info on #menopause for #transmasculine people on #testosterone


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18.04.2024 17:10
aral (

Haha, forgot the footnotes, sorry:

¹ Small Web:

(Also see latest updates on:

² Domain:

#SmallWeb #Domain #Kitten

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18.04.2024 16:55
aral (

It now takes ~10 seconds to set up your own Small Web¹ place using Domain².

This was closer to one-minute last week.

Been working towards this for six years… That’s ~10 seconds to get up and running with your own Small Web place at your own VPS server and at your own domain name.

Can owning your own place on the Web be as simple as setting up a Facebook account? Yes. Likely simpler. And this brings us one step closer to that goal.

#SmallWeb #Domain #10seconds

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17.04.2024 17:00
aral (

@lilithsaintcrow @laguiri Because we’re clearly not getting funded from the EU/ngi/NLNet:

#SmallWeb #Domain #Kitten #Place #funding #EU #NLNet #NGI #Horizon2020

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14.04.2024 16:12
display (

Ossrox – Eine klare Empfehlung…

#Domain #Nextcloud #Webhosting #Ossrox

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14.04.2024 08:02
mathdatech1 (

Mikołajek sur X

Il n'y en avait pas eu autant depuis novembre : le week-end commence bien !


#pishing #dns #fishing #domain #redflag

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12.04.2024 20:13
aral (

🎉 w00t! Just got deployment from pre-warmed servers working for the first time :)

Will post a screen capture once I’ve cleaned up the interface.

It’s single-digit seconds to deploy your own Small Web place (server) at your own domain! :awesome:

(I’ve been working towards this moment for the past six years so apologies if I sound like a giddy schoolboy.)

:kitten: 💕

#Kitten #Domain #SmallWeb

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12.04.2024 00:16
display (

Kennt ihr euren DNS-Server?

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08.04.2024 19:32
aral (

This is approximately how long it takes to deploy a Small Web¹ place currently using Domain² (under a minute).

I plan on reducing that another order of magnitude to single-digit seconds by the end of the week.

(Made a recording so we can compare it afterwards.) ;)

Learn more about Domain on our failed @NGIZero funding application:

:kitten: 💕


#Domain #SmallWeb #technical #design #ngi #NLNet #eu #funding

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08.04.2024 18:02
aral (

… and why I’ve had to build so much infrastructure in the past few years. It wasn’t just to reinvent the wheel but to have control over every aspect of the experience.

Well, it’s getting closer to being a reality and I’m really excited to hopefully finally be able to share what will be culmination of the last decade of my work with more of you starting this year.


PS. If you like where this work is heading, please consider funding it (

#SmallWeb #Kitten #Domain

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08.04.2024 07:05
kkarhan (

@kasperd @beasts personally, I do tend to seperate #DNS, #Domain and #Hosting to
mix & match the best options.

And for DNS I can recommend #ClouDNS since they make it super easy to export, import, update and edit the zonefile and they automagically sync that across 4+ servers...

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