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24.07.2024 21:59
joeo10 (

The .top domain, which is a very popular phishing domain (even I have encountered some emails which contain them) is on notice.


"The Chinese company in charge of handing out domain names ending in “.top” has been given until mid-August 2024 to show that it has put in place systems for managing phishing reports and suspending abusive domains, or else forfeit its license to sell domains."

#domain #domains

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24.07.2024 19:05
madiko (

Anyone building maps for drinking fountains? Please contact Peter @petergleick, before domain grabber take advantage 👇🏼

#OpenStreetMap #OpenAccess #OpenMapping #OffeneKarten #Karten #Kartieren #Maps #mapstodon #Domain

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24.07.2024 16:06
gytisrepecka (

You should not produce content on the internet unless it is published under your own domain ⚠️ That includes e-mails, federated social media, code repositories, blogs, shortened links, etc.

Even if you are not running infrastructure yourself, choose services that allows using your own domain. That is one of the most importants steps in owning your online presence :blobcatnerd:

#domain #sysadmin #internet

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24.07.2024 11:27
nbwpuk (

New phishing report names and shames TLDs, registrars - Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News

#domain #domains #domainnames #phishing

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22.07.2024 22:06
BafDyce (

#Frage an diejenige unter euch die eine eigene $nachname.tld #Domain haben und dafür auch einen #Mail-Server eingerichtet haben (egal ob selfhosted oder bei einem Provider).

Wie handhabt ihr das mit Aliasen und Trennung von Kontexten? Also verwendet ihr einfach nur eine vorname@nachname.tld email-adresse für alles?
Oder gebt ihr Freund*innen & Familie euren vorname@ alias und Behörden zb vorname-offiziell@ ?

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21.07.2024 08:57
delabs (

Anwheel Methods

We wish to sell the Domain This website has been promoting Industrial Manufacturing Companies for 18 years. Post your offer or email us.

#domain #website #industrial #engineering #technology

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20.07.2024 13:23
tedthetrumpet (

Oh wow I've been #cloudstruck turns out that #enom were hit by #cloudstrike which is why I couldn't update my #domain records.

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19.07.2024 19:04
guites (

amigos nerdes qual a melhor alternativa ao pra compra de domínios tive umas ideias aí mas não queria deixar meu CPFzão atrelado ali de bobeira

#domain #registrobr

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19.07.2024 18:32
aral (

And here are links to the things mentioned in the previous post:

• Accessibility For Everyone site:
• Kitten:
• Domain: (not ready for use yet)

And reminder that you should use OBS instead of GNOME’s built-in screen recorder if you don’t want to lose work:

#SmallWeb #Kitten #Domain #AccessibilityForEveryone #a11y #book #ABookApart #SmallTechnologyFoundation

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19.07.2024 18:29
aral (

So we just deployed @laura’s new little site she made using #Kitten for her Accessibility For Everyone book that Small Technology Foundation is now publishing as A Book Apart is, sadly, no more. Here’s a two-minute real-time video showing how easy it was using #Domain.

Sadly, I used GNOME’s screen recorder instead of OBS so the video has some corruption half-way.

(The page not found error you see is due to the hard-coded refresh; that’ll use client-side polling soon.)

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19.07.2024 17:11
simsus (

heise+ | -Sicherheit: Automatischer Schutz für Jedermann-Domains | c't Magazin

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19.07.2024 12:02
habr (

Pass The Hash? Да легко! + артефакты

🔥 Атака Pass The Hash позволяет злоумышленнику повторно использовать NT хэш для входа систему, избегая ввода пароля и используя протокол NTLM для авторизации, вместо базового Kerberos. Но как она делается и, самое главное, детектится в домене?...

#pass_the_hash #pth #domain #active_directory #impacket #psexec

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