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21.05.2024 15:40
september-22-2023-symfony-station-communique-2 (@september-22-2023-symfony-station-communique-2@newsletter.mobileatom.net)

Explore the September 22, 2023 @symfonystation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news for evergreen content.


#Symfony #SymfonyCasts #PHP #Drupal #Cybersecurity #Fediverse 🇺🇦 #TakeMeBackTuesday


#Cybersecurity #Drupal #fediverse #PHP #symfony #SymfonyCasts #TakeMeBackTuesday

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21.05.2024 15:38
mandclu (@mandclu@drupal.community)

New #Drupal #recipes: Easily add systems for managing sitewide alerts, or intuitive quick links on your site's home page

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21.05.2024 15:08
ultimike (@ultimike@drupal.community)

If you're in the #drupal community, you probably know this to be true, but here's a couple of data points as well as some action items to get things going in the right direction:


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21.05.2024 14:14
palantir (@palantir@mastodon.social)

The 2024 @drupal Developer Survey is out! Some insights:
- This year, survey translations were available in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese, resulting in substantial linguistic diversity among respondents (26%)
- Community engagement remains strong, with 65% of respondents participating in Drupal events in the past year
- The adoption of decoupled architectures continues to rise, with 60% of respondents working on headless Drupal sites
thedroptimes.com/39899/detaile #drupal #drupaldevs

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21.05.2024 10:00
DrupalConAsia (@DrupalConAsia@mastodon.social)

DrupalCon Asia | 9-11 December 2024 | PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay

The Merlion is the official mascot of Singapore. It is depicted as a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Learn more at - visitsingapore.com/see-do-sing

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21.05.2024 02:54
DrupalConAsia (@DrupalConAsia@mastodon.social)

Calling all Drupal enthusiasts!

Are you ready for DrupalCon Singapore 2024? Mark your calendars for 9-11 December 2024 as we head to PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay!

For more information visit - events.drupal.org/singapore202

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20.05.2024 23:27
blog (@blog@www.amazee.io)

DrupalCon Portland 2024 in 1,800 Words

DrupalConPortland 2024 was full of fun and excitement for us. Read our recap to learn some highlights from our team’s firsthand conference experience. #drupal


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20.05.2024 23:27
mobileatom (@mobileatom@flipboard.com)

DrupalCon Portland 2024 in 1,800 Words. #drupal


Posted into SYMFONY FOR THE DEVIL @symfony-for-the-devil-mobileatom

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20.05.2024 19:00
ultimike (@ultimike@drupal.community)

Interesting look into the size of the #drupal community based purely on stats from LinkedIn from @thedroptimes:


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20.05.2024 18:30
ethicaldetergent (@ethicaldetergent@drupal.community)

The D7Security group provides unofficial extended support Drupal 7 #Drupal d7security.org/

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20.05.2024 16:40
amazeeio (@amazeeio@mastodon.social)

💧 Couldn't go to #DrupalConPortland 2024 last week?

No worries. Our team was there and wrote up a 1,800-word recap. Dive in here: amazee.io/blog/post/drupalcon- 🤿

#DrupalCon #OpenSource #Drupal #Hosting #Lagoon

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20.05.2024 15:59
ultimike (@ultimike@drupal.community)

#Drupal core is getting smaller - not a bad thing, IMHO. The Forum, Action UI, and Statistics modules will not be in #drupal core 11.


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