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23.05.2024 10:55
mysticpigeon (

Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "Really good rock formation for my grizzly bears! It’s excellent quality and I can’t wait to buy some more. I thoroughly recommend the helpful seller." Gillian B.

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23.05.2024 01:56
DachmanArts (

Are you a night owl who loves to stay up all night and lay in bed all day? Then this piece is for you! Celebrate the night owl!

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22.05.2024 22:50
shellyshell (

Genuine Moonstone necklace with stainless steel wire can be found in my Etsy shop:

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22.05.2024 19:25
nlpbot (

SOLD! #sticker #cat #etsy #NoRegrets

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22.05.2024 19:24
nlpbot (

Someone from an AOL email address bought a sticker off me from #Etsy

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22.05.2024 06:23
DachmanArts (

"Captured Voyage: The Pirate's Eternal Journey" – captivating artwork depicting a pirate ship sailing eternally within a bottle, perched on rugged sea rocks. This piece combines the mystique of the seas with timeless artistry, making it a perfect focal point. The spherical bottle evokes ancient mariner art, while the sea rock adds a touch of rugged beauty.

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22.05.2024 05:10
AyumiOnishi (

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: dog chewing his tail line art, front&back bundle, 2 set(thin/thick)

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21.05.2024 17:36
CairoSteele (

Pssst!! Commission meeee!! I need an excuse to place a big leather order >:3c Wallets ($200+), harnesses ($1k+), and custom items also available!!

Gallery and pricing info:
Get a custom quote:
Premade shop:

#leather #handmade #furryartist #etsy #leatherwork

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20.05.2024 21:33
Anoia (

The turtle moves

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20.05.2024 17:44
yngmar (

Is #Etsy useless?

Opened a shop there, listed one of @vaviurka's handmade teddy bears, filled out all their creepy, intrusive bullshit (bank account, payment verification, identity verification), item online, all good.

Two days later, account suspended. No reason given, no email sent, nothing. Apparently I can appeal, but not sure for what.

What's an alternative that works, or do I have to make my own webshop because commercial internet is useless scum?

Just wanted to sell a cute bear :-/

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20.05.2024 16:15
dana_cz (

Did he really compare AI art to a synth?

#etsy #noAI

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20.05.2024 05:54
DachmanArts (

Move through space with this vibrant, cosmic design! Featuring a dazzling array of colorful planets, twinkling stars, and enchanting nebulae, this artwork brings the wonders of the universe to life. The swirling, multicolored clouds and dreamy celestial scene make it a perfect choice for anyone captivated by the beauty of outer space.

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