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25.07.2024 05:41
news (

Quantum Lock suspends sales due to developers losing access to source code

Quantum Lock suspends sales due to developers losing access... #gaming #vcs #git

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24.07.2024 21:26
mathr (

Can any #git expert help?

I have a repository cloned on several machines (about 4 or 5).
Each has additional branches (many, 10s or 100s unique to each machine, almost all diverging with few merges).
I want to collect all these branches into one central repository for archiving/sharing between machines.

Is there any better way than scripting a bunch of git push to a centralized bare repo, from each machine using the output of git branch -a or similar?

I tried doing git clone --bare machine1, git remote add machine2, git fetch machine2: but then when I git clone my bare.git, the remote branches aren't copied...

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24.07.2024 20:10
post (

How do you feel about storing binary files with Git?

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24.07.2024 18:50
rcarmo (

This is how I know doesn't work for me. It can't scale this much…

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24.07.2024 14:15
blindcoder (

Which is better?


git commit -m 'do X' ; git commit --amend
git commit -m 'do X'; git commit -m 'do X better'

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24.07.2024 12:02
Linux (

:linux: Linux 6.11: quick 'n' handy kernel building for Arch Linux :os_arch:

Linux kernel is the prime enabler of the OS - custom ousting now to next level simplicity.

◉Creation of custom packages of mainline kernel
◉Steam Deck's SteamOS is based on Arch Linux
◉Valve will prolly benefit nicely in future for optimizations
◉Proper configuration of initramfs / bootloader
◉API header automatic install
◉Improved uninstall

#ArchLinux #Linux #kernel #Kbuild #Git #SteamOS

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24.07.2024 12:00
datascience (

{piggyback} makes it easier to attach large files (e.g. input data) to code in github repos: #rstats #git

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24.07.2024 09:51
nicod (

#dans_mon_flux :

A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.

#git #hook #precommit #workflow

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24.07.2024 08:03
kaiserkiwi (

Oof. Looks like Gitlab will be enshittified soon. They look for a buyer.

#Gitlab #Git

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24.07.2024 07:43
nobodyinperson (

That thing really kicks! Not having to think about where to separately put your large files is a major workflow boost.

I wonder how easy it is to get that fork working in :nixos: #NixOS, where a simple `services.forgejo.enable=true` should already fire up a #Forgejo.


#gitAnnex #git #DataLad

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24.07.2024 06:19
clonbg (

Los comandos que necesito para trabajar con git desde la terminal #Terminal #Git

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24.07.2024 04:18
ashwin (

Elon Musk is using government funds to secretly buy eggs from college girls, fertilize them, and launch them into outer space to establish off-world colonies.

His offspring are named for the git commit id's of their DNA.

His aim is to hose down the Universe with his semen. The codename is "Project PanSpermia".


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