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18.07.2024 16:43
steven (

A very interesting item from @BrideOfLinux for @FOSSForce on a potential #GitLab sale.

I think a lot of people are moving on to #Forgejo, #Gitea and #Sourcehut (and maybe things I haven't heard of).

I try to do as much as I can on the Forgejo-running

More players makes this a better game for all.

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17.07.2024 20:30
hydrian (

@dragonsidedd @feoh @github #gitea. It has a lot less overheard. Better for most #selfhosted environments.

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15.07.2024 14:28
strk (

@Codeberg is the official #PostGIS repository, despite LLMs stating the contrary. It's a #Gitea forge hosted by the Open Sources Geospatial Foundation ( #OSGeo )

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14.07.2024 09:09
cfultz (

I'm going to try to migrate most of my GitHub content to my personal #Gitea while still linking them with certain repos. If you'd like to check out my crappy code:

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12.07.2024 16:40
display (

Пришло оповещение от Woodpecker CI, что закончились свободные воркеры и всё встаёт в очередь (О_О в условиях дома это крайне странная для меня ситуация, т.к. задач мало)

Пошёл разбираться, смотреть логи

Mysql нагружался на 200%, тачка пыхтела изо всех сил
Стоило погасить Woodpecker и gitea, как всё становилось ок

Woodpecker CI забирает настройки джобы из gitea и обновляет статус коммита (мол хорошо собрался или перекособочило)

В логах gitea оказалось очень много [W] [Slow SQL Query] и подобных сообщений:

2024/07/09 21:14:00 ...git/commit_status.go:283:GetLatestCommitStatus() [W] [Slow SQL Query] SELECT max(index) as index FROM commit_status WHERE (repo_id = ?) AND (sha = ?) GROUP BY context_hash ORDER BY max(index) desc [9 a3b69eb93eba84a405ea5d0812d7865418e5312c]

В commit_status оказалось почти 2 млн записей

Честно говоря не очень много

На всякий случай забэкапил табличку и удалил все, кроме самых свежих 10. Это помогло и все процессы зашевелились

  1. Грусть печаль, что мои железки не вывозят подобное
  2. Пока не совсем понимаю, зачем хранить всю историю сборок по каждому коммиту - то есть достаточно хранить условные 10, ведь хэш коммита не меняется, код не меняется. Ну ок, может быть в репе лежат подмодули и это необходимо, но я бы с удовольствием отключил, если бы знал как 😁
  3. Я удалял втупую, то есть просто where id < , есть ощущение, что это надо сделать красиво, чтобы не потерять состояние коммитов

#gitea #WoodpeckerCI

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12.07.2024 00:30
notes (

Gitea 1.22.1 is released

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.22.1.


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10.07.2024 03:27
chihuamaranian (

So I had to remove my #gitea act_runner setup because the host docker socket setup seems to be the reason my node keeps crashing and taking down my other services.

Back to the drawing board, it seems.

I'll have to look at a less hacky dind setup this time.

#homelab #selfhosted

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09.07.2024 19:03
axelrafn (

Talking to my wife about her unholy obsession with tabs in browsers she has (500 in Safari on her phone!) and them mainly being connected to #Sims4. So I came up with an idea for a small app to help her and quite possibly a lot of people around the world, with managing their tons of links with a few extras thrown in. Started the repo, first public repo on my #Gitea instance and I'm going to use tonight to frame up the project. First time I'm making #Multilingual software as well.

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07.07.2024 06:27
Toxic_Flange (

man, took way to long to get #Gitea working under docker on my #Synology . I like my NAS but its container manager kinda blows.

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06.07.2024 12:51
algernon (

For the past month or so, I have been working on a soft quota implementation for #Forgejo. I submitted the initial draft pull request two weeks ago, today I marked it ready for review.

This has been a massive undertaking, which shows in the diffstats too: 3811 lines of tests, and 2929 lines of code is quite a lot! But I'm very happy about how it turned out. Even more so, because this is the first (partial) copyleft contribution to Forgejo: while the core feature is under the MIT license, the tests are under EUPL-1.2.

The aim was to create something that would support both large instances like Codeberg with complex requirements, and small instances that just want to say "You have 1Gb of space to use, use it well". I think I nailed it.

Of course, there are lots of things that can and will be improved, but the pull request above lays down a solid foundation, and is already usable in its current form.

Because various forms of quotas have been requested by #Gitea users over the years, this might be of interest to them too. Mind you, I have no plans to submit the pull request to Gitea myself.

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05.07.2024 20:45
maxinehayes (

I'm going nuts with a #Gitea issue. Over night we encountered a bug with our releases for our repos.

When downloading a release archive from the file downloaded is not it becomes

We have changed nothing about our Gitea instance. We haven't even updated when this started. We have been tearing our hair out reading the source code for our Gitea version, but have not found anything directly causing it just stuff we think could cause it.

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05.07.2024 10:07
estevez (

I need some nice single #SelfHosted thing for project management and documentation. #Gitea is lacking wiki pages on an organisation level.
#HomeLab #SelfHosting #projectmanagement

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