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20.04.2024 15:26
matze (

Does anyone know how to add a new item to a #GitHub board on #iOS? In the browser, even if I scroll on the end of a column, there is no input to do so. And also on the #app I cannot find an option for it.

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20.04.2024 12:58
holm (

Aus gegebenem Anlass möchte ich nochmal auf meine "Internet ausdrucken" Folge des Atzventzkalenders verweisen:

#github #DMCA #DigitaleSelbstverteidigung #Podcast #opensource

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20.04.2024 11:21
janik6n (

#Github Copilot is the biggest productivity booster I’ve ever seen when it comes to coding. This is from a senior dev’s point of view, juniors who don’t know what’s good code and what’s bad, should steer clear for now.

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20.04.2024 06:09
83r71n (

A critical vulnerability, identified as CVE-2024-20356, has been found in Cisco's Integrated Management Controller (IMC). This flaw allows for command injection, potentially giving attackers the ability to gain root access to systems. The vulnerability is located in the web-based management interface of the IMC, which is used for remotely managing Cisco hardware. The issue arises from insufficient user input validation in the IMC interface, allowing an authenticated, remote attacker with administrative privileges to inject malicious commands.

Security researchers from Nettitude have developed a Proof of Concept (PoC) exploit, named "CISCown," to demonstrate this vulnerability. The exploit involves sending crafted commands through the web interface, enabling attackers to execute arbitrary code with root privileges on the underlying operating system of Cisco hardware. This PoC exploit is part of a toolkit developed by Nettitude and is available on GitHub. It uses parameters such as target IP, username, and password to automate the exploitation process and deploy a telnetd root shell service on compromised devices.

The release of this PoC exploit signifies a critical threat level for organizations using affected Cisco products. Gaining root access can lead to data theft, system downtime, and further network compromise. Cisco has responded by releasing software updates to address this vulnerability. It is strongly recommended that all affected organizations apply these updates immediately, as no known workaround mitigates this vulnerability.

The affected products include a range of Cisco servers and computing systems, such as the 5000 Series Enterprise Network Compute Systems (ENCS), Catalyst 8300 Series Edge uCPE, UCS C-Series M5, M6, and M7 Rack Servers in standalone mode, UCS E-Series Servers, and UCS S-Series Storage Servers. Users and administrators are advised to visit Cisco’s official security advisory page and the Nettitude GitHub repository hosting the exploitation toolkit for more detailed information and access to the updates.

#cybersecurity #cisco #vulnerability #imc #cve #poc #nettitude #encs #ucpe #ucs #m5 #m6 #m7 #github

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20.04.2024 00:27
jyasskin (

Oops, tried to use #github from an #ipv6-only coffee shop.

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19.04.2024 18:57
SylvieLorxu (

Catima 2.29.0 is out!

This release adds support for finding barcodes in PDF files[1] and dealing with multiple barcodes. It also properly colours the status bar during usage now.

As always, it's available on #GitHub, will soon be available on #IzzyOnDroid and will slowly roll out to other app stores.

[1] Not sandboxed yet, help welcome in

#Catima #OpenSource #Android

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19.04.2024 18:51
abimelechbeutelbilch (

@thomas Ich schau mir immer VOR jedem #icinga #IcingaDB update das #Changelog an - steht das etwa nicht drin? Dann freuen sich die Franken sicher über einen issue auf #GitHub 😁

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19.04.2024 16:58
daneharrigan (

Have you ever been working on a branch and you want to keep a commit in your history, but remove failed checks on ?

Create an empty commit, squash it into the commit you want to clear, and force push. This will assign a new hash to your commit where the checks never ran. You wont have a green check, but you wont have a red X either.

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19.04.2024 16:01
techbot (

Redline Stealer: A Novel Approach

A new packed variant of the Redline Stealer trojan was observed spreading in the wild. It uses Lua bytecode and advanced techniques to evade detection, infect systems, and exfiltrate sensitive user data. The malware leverages GitHub for distribution and abuses Windows components for stealthy persistence. It gathers system info and communicates with a remote C2 server to receive commands and exfiltrate data. Detailed analysis revealed the inner workings of the malware, its obfuscation methods, and novel techniques.

Pulse ID: 6622771e71880fb633af59f8
Pulse Link:
Pulse Author: AlienVault
Created: 2024-04-19 13:52:30

Be advised, this data is unverified and should be considered preliminary. Always do further verification.

#CyberSecurity #GitHub #InfoSec #LUA #Malware #OTX #OpenThreatExchange #RAT #RedLine #RedlineStealer #Trojan #Windows #bot #AlienVault

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19.04.2024 16:00
alvinashcraft (

The Download: How GitHub Uses GitHub Copilot, FFMmpeg 7, Fallout TV Show and more with Christina Warren.

#github #podcast #devcommunity #githubcopilot #FalloutOnPrime

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19.04.2024 15:28
ehtron (

Hi 😀​ ich habe ja meine traurigkeit über die zwangs verbindung von #garmin #smartwaches an den #IQ-Store, wenn man von dort #apps / #displays / #watchfaces installiert, kund getan.

daher meine frage:
kennt jemand ein forum odgl. das mit der technik von garmin / verzeichnisstruktur usw. beschäftigt?
in #github habe ich nur repositorys gefunden die einfach auf die IQ-Shop api aufsetzen. keine entwicklung die man direkt auf die uhr per #usb schieben kann.
irgendwie scheint es in der richtung keine aktive community zu geben. nur clicki bunti jünger 😉​

könnte natürlich auch möglich sein das garmin das gar nicht zulässt.

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19.04.2024 13:08
Polynomial_C (

Visualization and sonification of the commit history of the repository.

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