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20.04.2024 12:33
Sentopix (@Sentopix@mastodon.gamedev.place)

Some interface graphics of the shipyards and docks.
#aseprite #indiedev #godot

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20.04.2024 11:37
krazyjakee (@krazyjakee@mastodon.gamedev.place)

"always on-screen" current available controls. Kinda like overwatch. What do we think? When is it right to do? #godot #godotengine #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame

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20.04.2024 07:33
jovialthunder (@jovialthunder@xoxo.zone)

Oh bless #Godot contributors. My editor+game's been mysteriously freezing/crashing on exit and I've spent *so* much time tracking down why, but updating to 4.2.2 has finally fixed it. Thank u open source gods 🙏

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20.04.2024 05:14
objects (@objects@junimo.party)

Entities can now be dragged!

They’re moving a bit too quickly, but I’m too sleepy to tune the physics right now…

#Godot #LDJam (#LDExtra?) @snowycoder @Gattopandacorno @MaxSensei

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20.04.2024 04:05
raccoonformality (@raccoonformality@tech.lgbt)

it's up now, go play it you fools


#gamedev #godot #gaming #indie #indiedev

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19.04.2024 23:58
SirLich (@SirLich@mastodon.gamedev.place)

So, the Navigation Server in Godot is not returning shortest paths :(

As far as I can tell, it seems to be calculating the shortest path to ENTER a polygon, which can provide some very unreasonable results.

Does anyone know of a way to somehow alleviate this issue? Or do I need to write my own pathfinding?

#godotengine #godot #gamedev

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19.04.2024 23:19
coaguco (@coaguco@mastodon.gamedev.place)

Forgot to run the build but here is #GodotSteam's MultiplayerPeer with some new fixes built with #Godot 4.2.2! The Mac version has no templates currently. Hope to resolve that this coming week!


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19.04.2024 23:08
matias_hettich (@matias_hettich@mastodon.gamedev.place)

I need an easier way to learn AnimationPlayer and AnimationTree in #Godot 😭

Why there's an animation called ↩️ RESET in the middle of the other animations I made 👀

Why the AnimationTree does like mixing all the animations together and when I click on "Deterministic" on the Animation Player it doesn't do that anymore, what does "Deterministic" mean? 🤨

For the record I know sooner or later I'll understand it. It still kind of goes over my head how all that works 🤔

#GameDev #IndieGame

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19.04.2024 22:30
DearFox (@DearFox@meow.social)

Ну вообще прикольный плагин для рисования
Можно прям в #Godot рисовать.
Хотя мою криволапость вот поправить нельзя, перекосил рисунок - все, не отдеформируешь как нада

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19.04.2024 21:15
gamingonlinux (@gamingonlinux@mastodon.social)

Check out this casual fab farming game bundle, plus a whole bunch of Godot Engine courses gamingonlinux.com/2024/04/chec

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19.04.2024 21:09
johannc (@johannc@mamot.fr)

#godot #inkscape

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19.04.2024 21:07
qwertzuiopy (@qwertzuiopy@mastodon.social)

I just finished working on the map selection screen for my racing game, and since I have no idea what I am doing:
Does this look legible and good?
feedback is appreciated!

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