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18.04.2024 20:53
radwebhosting (

Benefits of JetBackup

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17.04.2024 16:07
objects (

any of you got good #hosting solutions ?

i currently use #contabo for its prices, but they’re bad performance, it’d be nice to have something like contabo, but better xD - i am willing to pay more ofc

i don’t really need a lot of #storage as i could just use cheap storage slab somewhere else ( such as contabo or buyvm ) while doing all the processing and all that somewhere else ( aka what i am looking for )

i don’t really want something like #hetzner for their requirement of ID or 20 euro ( iirc they removed that ), i also compared other hosting providers before but idk honestly :

any #advice ?

cc : @delusional @zayd extra : #tech #technology #hosting #vps #techadvice #hostinghelp #hostingprovider #server

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17.04.2024 14:16
food (

#condiments #sauces #seasoning #hosting

Posted into The Recipe Exchange @the-recipe-exchange-food

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16.04.2024 18:42
notes (

Hello Frens, this Time a bit more serious topic:

i'm considering moving my personal websites from Hetzner, does anyone know of a good host in europe? Preferably not some big capitalist company.

I've heard people recommending 1984 hosting before.. Does anyone have experience with them by chance?

#hosting #hosting-advice

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16.04.2024 16:20
jtk (

#Hosting provider IONOS (#AS8560) is performing VM "maintenance" over the next month, which will impose some changes. One suspiciously odd new limitation:

"Existing IPv6 addresses will be replaced by new ones and Reverse DNS will no longer be available for IPv6."

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15.04.2024 17:14
holger_moller (

Morgen starten wir in die nächste Runde „Hosting für Kulturwandel“ und es gibt noch freie Plätze. Kennst du jemanden aus deinem Team, deiner Organisation oder deinem Freund:innenkreis, für den:die unser Kurs genau das richtige ist? Oder hast du Lust, noch einmal dabei zu sein?

Ich freue mich, wenn du den Kurs an die Menschen weiterleitest, die dir einfallen und wir so den #Kulturwandel noch weiter in Welt hinaustragen.

#Hosting #ArtOfHosting

Infos und Anmeldung hier:

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15.04.2024 07:04
Gauravtiwari9084 (

A managed server in Hong Kong can provide you with reliable hosting services and efficient management. Here are a few reputable providers that offer managed dedicated servers in Hong Kong:

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13.04.2024 21:58
notes (

is there a hosting provider that offeres managed email, xmpp, and matrix hosting as a single bundle?

#AskFedi #xmpp #email #matrix #hosting

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13.04.2024 08:32
ashed (

Роскомнадзор заблокировал доступ к сайтам 8 иностранных провайдеров хостинга, подлежащих «приземлению» / Хабр

#infosec #hosting #roskomnadzor

Kamatera Inc. ограничение доступа с 25 марта;

WPEngine Inc. ограничение доступа с 27 марта; ограничение доступа с 29 марта;

Network Solutions LLC. ограничение доступа с 1 апреля;

DreamHost LLC. ограничение доступа с 3 апреля;

Bluehost Inc. ограничение доступа с 5 апреля;

Ionos Inc. ограничение доступа с 8 апреля;

DigitalOcean LLC. ограничение доступа с 10 апреля.

Для снятия блокировки провайдеру необходимо открыть представительство в РФ,
добавиться в реестр хостингов РКН, верифицировать клиентов по паспорту / банковскому счету / SMS, сливать клиентские данные силовикам через СОРМ, обеспечить взаимодействие с ГоСОПКА и пр.

Без этого оказывать хостинг-услуги на территории РФ (делать их доступными для россиян) нельзя.

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12.04.2024 16:06
dukepaaron (

"What [grandma] passed on to me was intangible but arguably more important: a love of #cooking and #eating and #hosting, especially in celebration of #Jewish #holidays. For everything else, I have #JoanNathan.

You could make the case that Nathan is a household name, as long as you’re referring to a Jewish American household. If a Jewish home cook doesn’t own a copy of “The Jewish Holiday Kitchen” (1979) or “Jewish Cooking in America” (1994), she has at least encountered Nathan’s dozens of recipes in the Times, and perhaps attempted her latkes or brisket."

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12.04.2024 12:27
holger_moller (

Finde heraus, wie du Formate so gestalten kannst, dass sie sich für Teilnehmende kohärent, flüssig, belebend und sicher anfühlen.

Was trägt dazu bei, dass Teilnehmende sich für Dialog öffnen, anstatt um die Wette zu diskutieren?

Antworten und Austausch dazu findest du im Onlinekurs "Hosting für Kulturwandel", in dem ich eine der Praxisgruppen begleite.


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11.04.2024 17:06
schizanon (

Fleek Network Developer Guide: Part 3
Service Deep Dive - JS Runtime

Learn how to build a Service on Fleek Network and enable applications and use cases that leverage it.

In the following deep dive, we focus on a specific Service example - JavaScript Runtime

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