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25.07.2024 08:26
cybernews (

Meta deletes 63K sextortion scam accounts from Instagram, Facebook⤵️
#Meta #Facebook #Instagram #socialmedia #cybersecurity #infosec

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25.07.2024 07:20
simsus (

#Sextortion-Betrug: Meta löscht 70.000 #SocialMedia-Konten in #Nigeria 🇳🇬 | heise online #MetaPlatforms #Instagram #Facebook

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25.07.2024 00:01
cafexperiment (

Coffee of the day "Shorty espresso con macchia"

Be #pictoftheday: mention us or use #cafexperiment hashtag and join the experiment!

#Instagram #Jerusalem

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24.07.2024 23:54
krypt3ia (


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24.07.2024 23:40
heiseonline (

Sextortion-Betrug: Meta löscht 70.000 Social Media-Konten in Nigeria

Meta hat in Nigeria 63.000 Instagram- und mehr als 7.000 Facebook-Accounts entfernt, die mit finanziellen sexuellen Erpressungsversuchen in Verbindung standen.

#Kriminalität #Facebook #Instagram #MetaPlatforms #news

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24.07.2024 23:38
thejapantimes (

Olympians in Paris are competing for social media fame alongside medals, leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram to connect with fans and boost their income.

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24.07.2024 23:00
columbus (
Arrest made in Alexa Stakely death - Daniel Griffin

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) -- A 16-year-old boy is charged with murder in the death of Alexa Stakely, a single mother who was killed while trying to stop a carjacking while her son was in the car.

According to the Columbus Division of Police, the juvenile was taken into custody and police are still searching for two other suspects. He came to the division's headquarters with his parents, where he agreed to an interview with detectives. Speaking with detectives, the juvenile confessed to stealing Stakely's car on July 11 and hitting her with the vehicle.

Two arrested in connection to Short North mass shooting

Stakely died after being struck around 1:30 a.m. that morning. She was picking up her child from his babysitter's apartment. Police said that while the child was asleep in the car and Stakely ran back to the apartment to pick up the boy's belongings, someone started to drive away in her vehicle. Stakely was hit and killed by the car, which was found abandoned nearby with her son safe and still asleep inside.

Surveillance photos and videos show three suspects walking away from the abandoned vehicle and heading north on Brywood Green Drive on the city's southeast side.

Stakely, a single mother who worked as a speech therapist in the Canal Winchester school district, had just finished a shift at her second job when she arrived to pick up her son.

[🖼…]A map of the area of interest to police in the fatal carjacking on July 11, 2024. (COLUMBUS POLICE)

With the way the suspects walked around the area, police said they may be familiar with the community and either live there or know people who live there.


Police are asking residents of Brynwood Green Drive, White Oak Park Condominiums, The Green, Brynwood Reserve, The Residences at James Place, and the Residents at Akita Lane for any video they may have that shows the suspects in the early morning of July 11.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Columbus Police Det. Lemmon at 614-645-2558, email, or scan the QR code to submit any relevant video of the incident.

#Columbus #Instagram #Local_News #News

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24.07.2024 21:21
G4Media (

Un nou telefon pentru copii are internet, dar nu #TikTok, 📸#Instagram sau alte rețele sociale.
Dispozitivul în curs de dezvoltare este un compromis între smartphone și „dumbphone”.


#Știri #RețeleSociale #RețeleDeSocializare

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24.07.2024 20:33
GeriatricGardener (

“Glenn Greenwald: Facebook Deleting Accounts under Orders of US and Israel (VIDEO): 'Any content related to Palestine and Israel is now filtered, not only by Facebook’s own editors, but by Israeli officials as well'”

by Palestine Chronicle Staff @palestinechron

@palestine @israel

“In September of last year, The Intercept reported that Facebook representatives were meeting with the Israeli government to determine which Facebook accounts of Palestinians should be deleted on the ground that they constituted ‘incitement.’

‘The meetings — called for and presided over by one of the most extremist and authoritarian #Israeli officials, pro-settlement #Justice #Minister #Ayelet #Shaked — came after Israel threatened Facebook that its failure to voluntarily comply with Israeli deletion orders would result in the enactment of laws requiring Facebook to do so, upon pain of being severely fined or even blocked in the country’.”

#Israel #Facebook #X #Instagram #Tinder #Legitimiation #Genocide #Propaganda #Hasbara #Censorship #Genocide

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24.07.2024 18:33
MichalBryxi (

Do you think reporting an account on #Instagram does something?

Also no
No, but in blue

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24.07.2024 18:00
soyacincau (

Fahmi reveals top social media platforms that comply with Malaysian laws

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24.07.2024 17:12
derteckelansich (

Es ist schon sehr seltsam, wenn eine Plattform die davon lebt, dass die User teilnehmen, diese so konsequent an der Teilnahme hindert. 🤦‍♂️ #Instagram #Meta

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