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20.04.2024 03:20
devops_discussions (@devops_discussions@mastodon.social)

Kubernetes 1.30 (aka Uwubernetes) boosts cloud-native networking


Discussions: discu.eu/q/https://www.sdxcent

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20.04.2024 02:39
jamie (@jamie@zomglol.wtf)

Kat Cosgrove named this Kubernetes release and she deserves so many high-fives right now. 😄


#kubernetes #uwubernetes

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20.04.2024 02:00
muddy (@muddy@mudhut.social)

My new #k3s #kubernetes cluster will be built on 3 of these Mini PCs, all running #longhorn for storage



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19.04.2024 23:37
peq42 (@peq42@mastodon.social)

we truly run the entire internet

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19.04.2024 22:35
askubuntu (@askubuntu@ubuntu.social)

Microk8s - Networking in pod unstable #kubernetes #microk8s


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19.04.2024 19:58
OpenInfra (@OpenInfra@social.openinfra.dev)

The schedule for #OpenInfra Day France is live!
It features talks in both French and English covering topics from scaling, confidential computing, #OpenStack & #Ceph, RabbitMQ, on-premise #Kubernetes and more! oideurope2024.openinfra.dev/a/

Tickets are currently 50€ and increase on 27 April to 70€. oideurope2024.openinfra.dev/fr

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19.04.2024 19:05
cayne (@cayne@hachyderm.io)


Hi, I'm Cayne (He/Him). I'm a #Autistic #DevOps Engineer from #Germany.

My favorite place is the command line, at day I work with #Debian #Puppet and the #HashiStack.
By night, I tinker with rpm-based distros, #Ansible #OpenTofu #Kubernetes and #HomeAssistant.

Besides that, I interested in #Politics #Reading #Privacy #FOSS and #Gaming.

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19.04.2024 17:24
ben (@ben@bluetoot.hardill.me.uk)

I now have it working, the bit I was missing was that the helm release names have to be different even if they are in different namespaces as the release name is used to name the RBAC and Webhooks, so they clash.

There is also some hidden doc here:


Will try and write it up as a blog post later

#k8s #kubernetes #ingress #nginx

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19.04.2024 17:11
paarth (@paarth@mastodon.pirate.lgbt)

This is not a drill #Uwubernetes #Kubernetes


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19.04.2024 16:30
thenewoil (@thenewoil@mastodon.thenewoil.org)

#Hackers Hijack #OpenMetadata Apps in Kubernetes #Cryptomining Attacks


#cybersecurity #kubernetes #cryptomining

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19.04.2024 15:42
habr (@habr@zhub.link)

Создание карты подключений Elasticsearch + Fluent Bit + Nginx Ingress Controller

Данная статья представляет подход к решению задачи сбора и агрегации метрик от Ingress Nginx Controller для извлечения геоданных с помощью GeoIP2 и их визуализации в Elasticsearch.


#kubernetes #geoip2 #fluent_bit #elasticsearch #nginx

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19.04.2024 14:50
cablespaghetti (@cablespaghetti@southampton.social)

I am highly amused that the latest #kubernetes release 1.30 is named Uwubernetes. Kat Cosgrove is an absolute legend.

Some of the responses to their BlueSky post are fantastic and I’m sad they don’t hang out over here.


“For the people who built it, for the people who release it, and for the furries who keep all of our clusters online, we present to you Kubernetes v1.30: Uwubernetes, the cutest release to date.”

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