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25.07.2024 04:00
starbreaker (@starbreaker@social.lol)

@antimnguyen @dangillmor No, #Lemmy is shit.

IMO, we ought to be reclaiming and revitalizing #USENET. #NNTP is a perfectly good protocol; what we need is a newsgroup hierarchy that doesn't allow binaries and has better anti-spam moderation.

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25.07.2024 02:55
rasterweb (@rasterweb@mastodon.social)

@dangillmor Argh! I stopped using reddit last year, logged out, and now only go there for some search results when I cannot find answers elsewhere.

I started using kbin but development slowed quite a bit, someone worked on an app but it stopped, I now use fedia.io but the "Threadiverse" has got a long way to go to replace the content on reddit.

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25.07.2024 02:47
antimnguyen (@antimnguyen@mastodon.gamedev.place)

@dangillmor I keep hearing about #Lemmy through the Fediverse, maybe it's worth a shot.

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24.07.2024 15:21
r (@r@fed.brid.gy)

#TheMetalDogArticleList #BLABBERMOUTH LEMMY's Dressing Room To Be Recreated At U.K.'s BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR Festival blabbermouth.net/news/lemmys-... #Lemmy #Motorhead #BloodstockOpenAir

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24.07.2024 15:21
TheMetalDog (@TheMetalDog@mastodon.social)

LEMMY's Dressing Room To Be Recreated At U.K.'s BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR Festival
A recreation of MOTÖRHEAD icon Lemmy's dressing room will be available for viewing at this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival, set to take place from Thursday, August 8 to Sunday, August 11 at Catton Park, Walton-on-Trent, United Kingdom. Fans attending the festival will not only be able to pay the...


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24.07.2024 13:29
Thanawat (@Thanawat@mastodon.social)

ทำไงถึงส จะกลับไปอ่านหนังสือซีรี่ส์ได้แบบเมื่อก่อน ไอ้ที่ค้างๆ ไว้นี่ยังไม่มีความอยากกลับไปต่อเลย


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24.07.2024 03:38
pooza (@pooza@mstdn.b-shock.org)


#Misskey #Lemmy #Rust

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24.07.2024 03:23
pooza (@pooza@mstdn.b-shock.org)



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23.07.2024 20:29
blogoklahoma (@blogoklahoma@social.tulsa.ok.us)

Our little Oklahoma Lemmy community is still leading on Lemmy Explorer.




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23.07.2024 13:15
joes (@joes@tech.lgbt)

I put up my stats analysis: lemmy.dbzer0.com/post/24552643
#nethack #junethack #lemmy

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22.07.2024 13:20
item (@item@libera.site)
#Lemmy #Statistics 2024-07-22 13:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 842
Number of users: 1 722 453
Number of posts: 7 871 610
Number of comments: 20 613 022
Number of users last 4h: -96
Number of posts last 4h: 2994
Number of comments last 4h: 1559


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20.07.2024 20:13
display (@display@libranet.de)
Lastly #Lemmy is maybe interesting, but however I'm using it via Mastodon is really not working. Is it worth it and if so how should I engage with Lemmy?

Lemmy is more community focused. You can follow any community using their address below the title. But to post in one you have to tag it in your original post. The first line is used as the title.

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