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25.07.2024 04:11
paninid (

First time seeing #CurtisYarvin mentioned on #LinkedIn.

So, that happened.

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24.07.2024 16:18
obrhoff (

People celebrate on LinkedIn that Open Source model of LLMs like llama are the future.

Don’t they know that it still costs billions to train them (its not charity) and it still costs extreme expensive hardware to deploy it in bigger scale?

#llama #llm #openai #ai #linkedin

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24.07.2024 09:41
kaffeeringe (

: Externe Links sind nicht willkommen.

Ich finde es wirklich schade, dass die Plattformen Links so stark bekämpfen. Ich verstehe, warum sie das tun. Aber es ist komplett entgegen der Interessen der Nutzerschaft.

Da lobe ich mir echt das mit seinem "Best-of-Free-Web".

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23.07.2024 14:51
Zeugs (

Spooked out again by the suggest of #LinkedIn in to congratulate people you know just did not update their profiles.

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23.07.2024 14:15
osintambition (

ScrapIn - Scrape Any Data from LinkedIn, without limit.

Its paid but giving 20free credits for everyone. GO and try.

#osint #socmint #geoint #humint #linkedin #infosec #cybersec

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23.07.2024 08:39
zwingy (

Die Sprache in #Bildern oder besser gesagt mit #Bildern, finde ich hilfreich um komplexe Themen einem breitem Publikum darzulegen.

Was meinst du dazu?
#sap #Bildsprache #LinkedIn

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23.07.2024 05:44
backupbear (

"Hello, I'm a 'professional' recruiter who talks shit about job-seekers on #LinkedIn."

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23.07.2024 04:32
atrus (

So I just got a response to a message I sent someone on LinkedIn about 5 months ago. The weird thing is, linkedin has marked my original message as sent *today*, and the person actually responded immediately when they got it.

Anybody else have experience with #LinkedIn delaying sent messages for multiple months?

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22.07.2024 14:57
ByrdNick (

A major update from me: After completing my first tenure track appointment, I'm lucky to be starting a lab in #Geisinger's Department of Bioethics and Decision Sciences:

I may blog about the decision and next steps (so feel free to ask questions), but for now you can find my initial thoughts about the transition on #LinkedIn:

#NewBeginnings #Bioethics #DecisionScience #Research #Hiring

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22.07.2024 04:28
stonedonkey (

I'll never understand people who post political content on LinkedIn - at best you alienate half your potential clients and contacts.

Worse to me it shows incredible insight into a person actively participating in bad decision making.

Just amazing to watch.

#politics #career #linkedin #work

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21.07.2024 19:12
marioostolaza (

@salva_pl Hace unos meses seguía a este gafapasta en #Linkedin hasta que un periodista de los de verdad denunció que había plagiado contenido suyo sin molestarse en mencionarle. Ahora solo sigo al #periodista con lupa...

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21.07.2024 18:53
theguardian_us_business (

The world is not quite ready for ‘digital workers’ #Artificialintelligence(AI) #USsmallbusiness #Technology #Microsoft #Business #LinkedIn #USnews #Google

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