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05.06.2024 22:59
item (
Heute, wieder einmal ein paar Stunden Zeit für die Firewall meines Servers investiert. Es bahnte sich bereits an, dass die Spielverderber wieder einen Schwung neuer Adressen geordert haben. Es sind wieder einige /24 Netzwerke geworden. PaloAlto und Linode waren dieses mal überproportional vertreten und die Scans werden subtiler. Naja, das syslog sieht wieder ganz gut aus.

#cybersecurity #firewall #server #linux #paloalto #linode #admin #syslog #webserver #mailserver

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30.05.2024 19:33
earth_walker (

Looking at switching from #Linode/Akamai to a less expensive #VPS provider. #Hetzner and #Ionos have jumped out at me so far, can anyone share their experiences with these or other affordable VPS providers? I'm not trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel BTW, just seems that there are cheaper options than Linode that will offer a similar quality of service.

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27.05.2024 20:45
matt (

Sorry for the small burst of downtime, folks. #Linode has had a couple hardware issues with nodes and one of our #redis replicas ended up with data corruption.

The replica failed to shut down so the only way to delete its data was to reboot its host hardware. Everything should be online now.

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14.05.2024 21:24
axelrafn (

@nixCraft $110 or so to #Hetzner of 2x physical boxes + 1x storage box, $35 or so to #Linode for a few VPS machines, I use #FreeDNS over at to host my domains, then there might be small subscriptions here and there to test things like #CoPilot, #ChatGPT and other such things from time to time but not constantly

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12.05.2024 13:52
objects (
I'm running this instance and a Ghost blog on a 5$ Linode. 🙂

#linode #sysadmin #ghost #blogging

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08.05.2024 01:44
iamnickops (

@powerampache didn't work with #Linode when I tried it. I changed every setting and checked every permission w/ root access. That was a few years back so perhaps something has changed with Ampache.

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04.05.2024 04:36
sky (

what should I build my website in?

I love #python and #ruby for web development, but open to learning something new

actually, something #lua based would be fun

I've got a #linode running #debian I'd be setting it up on

any #suggestions?

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02.05.2024 02:28
objects (
I see that Linode has been purchased by Akamai. Found out by visiting linode dot com.

I have never been a customer before, but was thinking of recommending them based on how many Linux Youtubers Linode has sponsored over the years.

Any reason to be leery of a Linode now owned by Akamai? Current Linode customers, are you still happy?

Any recommendations other than Linode?

#linode #linux #hosting #akamai #cloud

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25.04.2024 05:08
chris (

Insult to injury - ionos vps with #mastodon server installed pegs/blocks the VM and makes it unusable. #linode base vps with shared cpu chugs along fine.

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25.04.2024 05:08
chris (

Have been doing some A <-> B testing of base #VPS configurations between #linode and #ionos.

Unsurprisingly, Linode is much more robust and performant.

An annoyance with Ionos is that a support call requires a phone call. In this case a simple case of asking for outbound tcp/25 to be unblocked. Linode allows you to do it via a web form. Response isn't as fast via a web form but I don't need to wait on hold for 25 minutes so it's better IMO.

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20.04.2024 09:33
mitexleo (

For Hosting Fediverse instances and Personal Websites, which one would you prefer? Why?

#fedipoll #poll #hosting #cloud #aws #linode #DO

AWS Lightsail
DigitalOcean Droplets

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19.04.2024 08:28
mitexleo (

Here's my review of the cloud providers:

1. AWS: Overall solid, but has a UI that's like navigating a maze with one hand tied behind your back. Why isn't IPv6 on EC2 just a default thing?

2. IBM Cloud: Absolute chaos. Had a lovely phone call with customer support for half an hour yesterday (and by lovely, I mean painful). They asked for my NID, proof of life, and possibly a blood sample. Finally, they approved my account and let me add my card. Today, I tried to grab a free HP VPS, but who knows if it's activated or lost in the ether?

3. Azure: Fancy, but pricey! Tried to sign up and got the "down for maintenance" screen instead. Great timing, right?

4. Linode: Didn't even get past the door. Account canceled for fraudulent activities, but verified my payment method. Sent an email to support, but apparently, their support is on vacation.

5. DigitalOcean: Slightly more expensive than Linode, and didn’t like my Virtual Debit Card (even though it's legit and under my name).

6. Vultr: Onboarding was a breeze! But they hit me with a minimum deposit of $5 to activate my account. Sneaky.

7. Google Cloud: Gave it a shot even though I’m not a Google fan, but it's pricier than AWS. The search continues!

Note: I was only playing around with VPS and Cloud Compute (EC2), and it was quite the adventure!

Edit: Linode activated my account today. Although they're yet to respond to my email. Akamai ruined it.

#cloud #aws #ibmcloud #gcp #google #vultr #DigitalOcean #Linode #Azure #hosting #akamai

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