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13.04.2024 18:17
axelrafn (

Moving servers again (not the Mastodon one!). I went from Linode to a greener pasture that has since then proved itself not to be so green after all. So, I'm moving back "home" to #Linode again with two servers. Moving a lot of data over only 8MB/s will take some time, but it will give me a chance to set up the software needed anyway. Here's to a productive weekend y'all!

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30.03.2024 08:35
notes (

I just got into a situation where I restarted the Linode that hosts and, post-reboot, networking was broken. Nothing in, nothing out. Which, you know. is not that great. Can't ssh in, can open a shell through the Linode control panel, can make outgoing connections by IP address but DNS lookups fail.

It turns out that I had somehow turned off the config toggle "auto-configure networking", and as a result had a system that was
aware eth0 exists, thank you, but had no plans to do anything with it. Turn it back on, reboot, and I'm back in business.

Another instance of reminding myself to never, ever,
ever open a root shell after midnight.

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27.03.2024 10:10
Joe_0237 (

So #linode blocks outgoing email from linodes by default, wish they told me. If they would allow outgoing spam, gmail and the like would simply block linode's address space which would be bad for linode's legitimate customers. To get unblocked an account holder has to file a support tickets. So I'm in the waiting phase. I'm legendary for my egregious typos tho, so hopefully i dont look like an email spammer to their trained eyes XD

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22.03.2024 14:34
Riley (

Linode servers, domain registrars, and DNS providers, oh my...
And my head is full of linux.
Custom email neither here nor there, or anywhere for that matter...
And what even is Workspace?
If a Caddy web server config breaks, does it make a sound?
It does not...
IPV4 and IPV6 and SSL certificates
I now know why firewalls exist.
2FA this and network security that
And this is just a test server.
Where am I?
#latenightthoughts #linode #domains #serveradministration

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21.03.2024 11:51
XLion (

After May, 2024 will charge if you're using IPv4 address, no matter it is static or dynamic IPs, so I've migrated my Docker host that hosted on AWS Lightsail to

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21.03.2024 11:47
XLion (

因為 將在5月開始對 IPv4 收費,所以我已將一台架設在 AWS Lightsail 的 Docker 主機遷移至

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20.03.2024 09:40
fosskers (

I just transferred my website hosting from #heroku to #linode .



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08.03.2024 18:04
ke7zum (

#today my web forwarding is still broken. I've explained in this post along with an example #gamdi gives me to enter.
#Linode #WebForwarding #Technology

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07.03.2024 04:21
podcast (

so guys, the #owncast page is fixed. You can follow I cannot fix the web forwarding on my #linode however. I'm working on that.

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06.03.2024 13:23
ahoyboyhoy (

Like many, I joined the exodus from #linode between the acquisition and price hikes. I kept a couple nanodes around as the price was unaffected and for diversity. I've also continued to use their DNS name servers and fancy management GUI. The time has now come to delete these remaining nanodes and then I'm wondering if there is a better place to host DNS records. Any recommendations? I've migrated to #hetzner and while I self-host a bit residential, I'd like to keep DNS in cloud and free.

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03.03.2024 19:47
RainofTerra (

Ugh, #Linode feels so expensive now for hosting our mastodon server, thinking a lot about just hosting it at home and having Linode host the object storage and front the reverse proxy. We have plenty of hardware and bandwidth (10Gb fiber) here. 🤔

I could also just downsize the linode probably but that would involve shrinking some file systems to fit within the reduced storage or migrating to a new Linode and ugh.


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02.03.2024 21:02
ke7zum (

@diazona Well still have not heard back from #linode re openign up port 587, this will give me time to check to see that all is well.

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