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25.07.2024 01:03
Monal (

Monal 6.4.1 (Build 941, PR #1150) released.

To see the complete list of bugfixes and improvements, check our releases page:

#Monal #ios #macos #xmpp #im #chat #messaging

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24.07.2024 21:51
MuSociety (

Press Play Wave Breaker v1.1.0 VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC [FREE]

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24.07.2024 17:12
grumpybozo (

(I don’t have a direct response to the question as asked… )
I have no idea why “ordinary users” bother with add-on “security” packages for #macOS/#iOS/#iPadOS.
The risks are not like they are on Windows. You can absolutely stay safe by staying aware of what you are doing and not being careless, unless you are a specific target. If you ARE a specific target, the right tactics are more stringent than any consumer “security” package can deploy, e.g. “Lockdown”

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24.07.2024 11:35
witewulf (

I've been singing the praises of Music Box for a couple of days now, and just realised it has a macOS, which takes it to another level.

It's an app that integrates with Apple Music (and Marvis Pro!) and allows you to bookmark and tag albums that you want to listen to, like when someone recommends it to you

If you're always losing track of music recommendations this is a godsend #music #apps #ios #macos #appleMusic

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23.07.2024 21:37
MuSociety (

MTS-ESP Mini Microtuning Plugin by ODDSound vst vst3 au aax windows MacOS free

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23.07.2024 20:07
MuSociety (

Red Rock Sound EQ302 Graphic Equaliser v1.0.2 VST VST3 AU Windows macOS [FREE]

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23.07.2024 09:39
spla (

Aquesta serà la primera vegada que instal·lo una public beta en el Mac.

#macOS #Sequoia

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22.07.2024 21:58
drahardja (

I am reminded once again what an *utterly miserable* experience it is to edit a large #Swift project in #Xcode. Literally every keystroke takes a half second to a second to show up, and I don’t even know why. How is this acceptable?

I’ve literally resorted to copy and pasting my Swift code to an external editor, and copying the changes back in to Xcode, because the experience of typing in Xcode is so miserable. But given Swift’s utter dependence on the IDE to make anything comprehensible, it’s difficult to do this without the heavy mental load of keeping multiple complex interfaces in my head continually. For someone with #ADHD, This Is Very Bad™.

If you think Google Chrome brings your M1 Mac to its knees, you haven’t tried typing 16 characters into a large Swift project in Xcode.

#apple #ios #software #development #macOS

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21.07.2024 20:50
MuSociety (

Yuri Semenov YS Dynamics v1.01 vst vst3 au Windows MacOS [FREE] free download

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21.07.2024 20:36
MuSociety (

OScope Oscilloscope Plugin by Audija

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21.07.2024 02:03
kfury (

This is one of the most satisfying UIs I've seen. #macOS

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21.07.2024 01:40
scottslowe (

@geoffduncan I find this behavior (stuff not showing up in search) happening more and more often in various #macOS applications (especially Mail for me).

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