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20.04.2024 13:11
luke (

Still looking for a new hosting provider situated in Germany. I'll have to move this server soon-ish.

I wanted to go to Hetzner but I'm seriously reconsidering now. I've been looking at netcup for a bit but I don't know anyone who uses them.

Don't need huge resources, a small VPS would be just fine. It's only for my mini Mastodon instance and static website.

Any recommendations? #mastoadmin

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19.04.2024 20:10
homegrown (

If you run a Mastodon server, you can easily add a piece of custom CSS which will automatically put a red border around image, video or audio posts that are missing a text description.

The custom CSS code is here:


You can add it by logging into your server website and then going to Preferences > Administration > Site Settings > Appearance, paste the code into the Custom CSS box and click "Save Changes".

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #Accessibility

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19.04.2024 18:28
thomas (

In case your Icingadb complains about "unexpected database schema version: v2 (expected v3)"

Run this:

$ sudo -u postgres psql icingadb < /usr/share/icingadb/schema/pgsql/upgrades/1.2.0.sql
$ sudo systemctl restart icingadb

#icinga #icingadb #monitoring #sysadmin #linux #mastoadmin

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19.04.2024 10:58
jom (

Oh, generates a relevant amount of load on my (small) Mastodon instance with automated data that is not really usable in Germany. I'm afraid I'll have to defederate for the first time for technical reasons, because the content/benefit/load ratio doesn't fit. 😟 #mastoadmin

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19.04.2024 10:56
hnygd (

What is the most widely used and actively maintained tool to feed #RSS into #Mastodon accounts?

I currently use @mastofeed which is really great when it works, but if it doesn't it is somewhat of a black box, so I would prefer to self-host something simple that can create similar toots.

I know there is by @0xamit - do you actively maintain it?


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19.04.2024 09:32
Larvitz ( had a short maintanance early this morning.

- Installed OS updates and rebooted into new #linux :linux: kernel ✅

- Purged old data from S3 storage ✅

- Did a pg_repack on the Mastodon #PostgreSQL :postgres: DB, shrinking it back down to 7.2GB (from 10,4) ✅

#mastodon #mastoadmin

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19.04.2024 09:05
mikez (

@arazil I updated to the latest nightly (2024-04-18) yesterday and came across AR encryption for the first time. Instead of generating my own keys I used the ones from .env.test and now I'm wondering whether I've done something stupid.

Is it possible to generate new keys or am I stuck with the ones I used from .env.test? Is this a security issue that I should be concerned about?


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19.04.2024 06:17
shadow (

#mastoadmin I think I might have fixed a long running bug that's been bothering me for months - misaligned columns on mobile, they are too narrow as well on desktop.

Fixed viewpoint width on column when using Multi-Column.
This also improves better readability on desktop too.

Can anyone test for me on mobile devices other than #Pixel phone? Feel free to test on desktop as well if it improves your #Phanpy experience with Multi-Column. Nothing hacky, just pure CSS change. See Before & After images.

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19.04.2024 03:05
arazil (

Attention #mastoadmin - If you run the nightly branch, please read and understand the following pull request before running your upgrade. There are some configuration changes that need to be made as of 2024-04-17. If you don't make the changes, the web process will continually exit with an error message.

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18.04.2024 23:07
wlaatje (

🙋 Verifying your #identity on #Mastodon:

🌐Put a link to your personal or company's #Mastodon profile on your website.

🔗The link has to have a rel="me" attribute on it not only a href.

👥 Then edit your Mastodon profile and put the address of your website/webpage in one of four profile fields.

What does this #verification mean? The owner of the Mastodon account owns or controls the listed website.

✅ safe your blue checkmark money, buy your own Mastodon Server Admin (#mastoadmin) a coffee!

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18.04.2024 21:41
chris (

Inside Voice: Hey Chris, Maybe you should create a style service for creation of scalable independant Mastodon domains?

Other Inside Voice: No. Do not do this.


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18.04.2024 20:45
chris (

Question for Canadian #mastoadmin . Are there Canada-located type services for creation of scalable independent Mastodon domains?

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