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20.04.2024 15:59
knikolla (

I made a Tech News list and after connecting my #Mastodon account to @Flipboard I can flip through all posts in that list in “magazine” format! The power of alternative clients 😁

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20.04.2024 15:51
punkscience_ns (

Someone here on #Mastodon posted a link to an open source Good Reads, not affiliated with Amazon. I can't find it now and it wasn't "BookWyrm". Anyone know what it was? #books #askmastodon

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20.04.2024 15:33
ClimateJenny (

@pete Valid and interesting points. FWIW, my sense is that the “social media” paradigm doesn’t quite fit here. It feels more like an old BBS or Listserv. They had all the same issues, including miscommunication, flame wars, hurt feelings, appeals to moderators to fix things, “Meta-discussion kills lists,” etc.

Human community is hard. I like because it’s one of the few places in my life where other people genuinely delight me.

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20.04.2024 15:19
BrassNuckolls (

While you’re at it, what happened to all the #dog pics?! I love when yall show your #dogs living their best canine lives!🐶🐕🦴


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20.04.2024 15:12
berniethewordsmith (

A question for #mastodon admins. Does your instance block or Curious also to know why if so


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20.04.2024 15:08
schizanon (

If so, how might I conceal what I was doing? What if I used separate accounts, following different sets of users, and built them up over time, and with a little overlap to make them seem reallstic, maybe even multiple domains, and then merged all the posts together to create a single firehose? Is that abuse too?

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20.04.2024 15:04
schizanon (

What if I set up a Mastodon server and followed absolutely everyone on the Fediverse? Is that illegal? Would instances percieve that as abuse and block me?

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20.04.2024 15:03
Gabriel_Martin_1977 (

Buenos días. Con música y palabras la vida es más saludable.


Que tengan el un gran sábado de música, letras, arte, pasiones y vida.
Abrazos desde el sur del sur.
- .

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20.04.2024 14:45
nazisklatschen (

hätte Adolf

Für viele ist das ein Anlass, sich und ihre scheiß zu feiern.

Als kleine auch von uns auf im , dass auf den ersten Schritt auch der zweite folgen sollte:

Folgt eurem Führer, bringt euch um!

Vielen @GuidoKuehn für diese hervorragende Karrikatur. Freut uns jedes Jahr aufs Neue 😃

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20.04.2024 14:25
item (
#Mastodon #Statistics 2024-04-20 14:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 12 416
Number of users: 8 789 352
Number of statuses: 1 017 044 717
Number of users last 4h: 355
Number of statuses last 4h: 85 690


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20.04.2024 14:23
DrewNaylor (

PSA: If you use #Megalodon , you have to pull down to refresh above the joined date on your profile if you want to refresh it.


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20.04.2024 14:14
amazing_Ekka (

#PixelArt #mastodonart #mastodon#ekkaart#pixelartist#pixel#pixelfed #house #plants #summer #bird #house #dove #pigeon

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