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25.07.2024 05:21
konomikitten (

Hi everyone if you could please leave comments or thumbs up for this issue on the element GitHub to give the client more ways to combat abuse and spam that would be great. Boosting this post would also be appreciated.

#Matrix #Element #Abuse #Spam #MatrixFoundation @matrix #Bigotry

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25.07.2024 04:15
mechanobio (

📰 "Refining the drift barrier hypothesis: a role of recessive gene count and an inhomogeneous Muller`s ratchet" #Dynamics #Q-Bio.Pe #Matrix

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24.07.2024 23:00
das_system (

Because I looked for it repeatedly and couldn't find anything: This #matrix room is freshly created and is looking forward to interested people who want to chat about #diabetes (hacking)!

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24.07.2024 19:36
edfattell (

Does anyone have experience with 2.0 and x? I want to host my own matrix server; I'm just curious on the state of , and frankly if it is viable yet.

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24.07.2024 19:20
kytta (

Trying out #pyinfra to provision my home server, and so far I like it a lot. A great balance between operations and state management, and way more readable than #Ansible.

And the best thing? "Chat on #Matrix" instead of "Chat on #Discord" :matrix: :blobcathearteyes:

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24.07.2024 18:54
braid (

This is what I consider appropriate font #Accessibility settings for a #Matrix client ! #PolyculeClient

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24.07.2024 16:13
brian (

Noticed the #Jellyfin General Chat room on #Matrix seems to be locked. Wonder what happened since the last time I logged on?

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24.07.2024 15:09
frufru (

um grupo de idiotas entraram na sala do #minetest no #matrix e fizeram um spam gigantesco lá (deve ter dado umas 5000 mensagens).

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24.07.2024 12:33
fiee (

Ich hatte einen #Matrix-Account auf; den Server scheint es nicht mehr zu geben.

Ich habe #Element auf Android installiert, das behauptet jetzt, es hätte keine Internetverbindung, und einen zweiten Account scheine ich dort nicht verwenden zu können.

Gibt es irgendeine Chance, den Account und seine Inhalte zu migrieren?

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24.07.2024 08:07
zirias (

@winterschon I indeed don't care about #matrix, I like good old IRC, maybe XMPP ... but I'm generally very interested in seeing #FreeBSD-related docs/howtos, so I'd say go for it.

The "without resorting to Electron" part leaves me a bit confused. Looking at the "element-desktop" app on github, it's obviously an electron app (IMHO that's really the plague ...) – how would you run an electron app *without*, uhm, electron? I guess your document would answer that 😃

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24.07.2024 02:38
notes (

As a Beth, I cannot stand idly by while the Lunas plot world domination.

That is why I am proud to announce a new Matrix room just for Beths.

All non-Beths will be banned. "Bethany," "Elizabeth," and other variations are allowed. If you have a headmate named Beth your whole system is allowed.

If you are both a Luna and a Beth, or part of a system containing both a Luna and a Beth, you
are allowed to join, but I will watch you extra carefully to make sure you aren't a double-agent sent by the Lunas to destroy us.

#Beth #Luna #BethResistance #Matrix #MatrixChat #MatrixProtocol


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24.07.2024 00:08
winterschon (

I wonder if anyone would be interested in my method for a running Element (matrix chat) natively on my workstation?

- using FreeBSD (of course)
- without resorting to Electron
- running in a Jail (vnet, vanilla)
- on a 10Gbit LACP bonded bridge
- with a wildcard TLS cert (for free)
- and Ansible-ized for automation

#freebsd #matrix #element #ansible #automation #selfhosting #homelab #nerds #bsd #linux

Yes, give us a how-to tutorial!
Nah, don't care about Matrix
XOR... perhaps a comment?

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