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20.04.2024 10:44
andybalaam (

I am standing for the Matrix Governing Board!

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20.04.2024 10:31
magostinelli (

Voi saresti disposti a contribuire (circa 5€ anno) per un server #matrix autogestito con installati sopra tutti i #bridge esistenti? (per chi non lo sapesse i bridge permettono di usare una sola app per chattare con tutti i protocolli).

Ovviamente si tratterebbe di un server matrix federato, quindi in grado di comunicare con tutti gli altri.

La condivisione di questo sondaggio è molto gradita!

#chat #open #crittografia

Decisamente si!
Si, è potrei contribuire anche di più!
Interessante, ma non voglio contribuire.
Decisamente no!

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20.04.2024 08:17
agx (


Nicht alle nutzen iOS oder Anrdoid auf ihren Mobiltelefonen.

Offene Protokolle wie #matrix und #xmpp sind für alle Geräte verfügbar. Warum werden diese nicht bevorzugt eingesetzt oder wenigestens ebenfalls angeboten?

#LinuxMobile #Linux #Mobile

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19.04.2024 23:24
madargon (

Yesterday #Element desktop app nuked my main long-lasting session and reminded me that correct address of my #Matrix server is, not

Huh, but in the past it worked both ways?

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19.04.2024 23:16
objects (

dendrite makes me want to jump off a bridge #matrix

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19.04.2024 20:14
buzzdee (

@communist_kangaroo @matrix @element @krille can you please implement that feature in #Matrix ? #matrixchat

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19.04.2024 20:12
dankrolla (

This is one of the 420 prize packs available on

Make sure to join early for your chance to win!

#marimoko #element #matrix #cannabis #marijuana #giveaway #free #freebie #canada #fourtwenty

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19.04.2024 19:33
gosim (

GOSIM 2024 Europe Will Be Held in the Netherlands on May 6th: Embrace the Global Open Source Wave and Build a New Era of AI Here comes the GOSIM 2024 Europe!

For more information please visit:

Scan or register here:

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19.04.2024 19:32
tom (

I think it would it would be cool if activitypub posts could render in matrix clients like how twitter rendered tweets in DMs

It'd also be cool if you could have basic interactions with likes and polls- though that'd probably be a lot more difficult to implement

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19.04.2024 17:21
dankrolla (

How to access the new Canadian Seed Exchange on marimoko -

#marimoko #cse #matrix #canadianseedexchange #cannabis #growing #element #chat #opensource #federated #freespeech #canada #chat

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19.04.2024 14:40
farcaller (

They very much did NOT joke when they said #matrix is a full mesh. This is nuts.

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19.04.2024 12:59
lambda (

@bean I love how seamless homeserver migrations can be on fedi, I never would've noticed if I hadn't looked at your username. If only we could have the same experience on #matrix...

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