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23.05.2024 05:39
peter_winninger (

Schnell noch den Recap zum 2. AI Meetup Mittelrhein 🤖 nachreichen! Wie immer im Blog von Koblenz Digital veröffentlicht. Kurzfassung: der Ausflug zu 247Grad hat sich gelohnt! Tolle Impulsvorträge + gute Möglichkeit sich zu vernetzen.
Hier der Link zum Artikel:
#Meetup #Koblenz #KI #AIMeetupMittelrhein

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22.05.2024 20:00
Appsterdam (

Join us on Sat 22-06-2024 09:30 at `Coffee Coding`.
More info: #Appsterdam #iOSDev #AndroidDev #Developers #Meetup

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22.05.2024 16:33
yantar92 (

#8 [[bbb:OrgMeetup]] on Wed, June 12, 19:00 UTC+3

Another OrgMeetup will be scheduled on the second Wednesday of June,
in three weeks.

Previous meetup notes:

Time & Date: <2024-06-12 Wed 19:00-21:00 @+03,Europe/Istanbul>
The room will be open half an hour before the official start.

During the meetup, we can:

- Give advice to new users
- Showcase Org configs or workflows
- Demo/discuss interesting packages
- Troubleshoot each-other's issues
- Discuss Org mode development
- Discuss "Org mode" section of Emacs news (
- Discuss anything else Org-related

Everyone is free to join the discussion/chat or lurk around silently,

We will _not_ do any recording by default.

#OrgMeetup #orgmode #meetup

P.S. @sachac May you kindly list the meetup in the news?

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22.05.2024 15:51
lhc (

Quinta-feira tem Meetup no LHC!

Openshift: Uma visão geral sobre orquestração de containeres

Detalhes no link:

#hackerspace #meetup #openshift #devops #containers

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22.05.2024 02:19
romanoroth (

🌍 Join us for an Exciting DevOps Meetup in Zurich! 🌍

📅 Date & Time: May 23, 2024, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM CEST
📍 Location: Digicomp Academy, Limmatstrasse 50, Zürich

🕔 17:30 - 18:00: Arrival and first drinks
🎤 18:00 - 18:45: The Environmental Impact of Software by Christian Abegg
🎤 18:45 - 19:30: Carbon Measurement in the Linux Kernel by Aditya Manglik
🕢 19:30 - 20:30: Networking, Open Space & More Drinks

🔗 Register now:

#DevOps #sustainability #networking #meetup

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21.05.2024 22:30
ianpoynter (

Come and join us at our next TechYeet Charleston Meetup, Wednesday June 12th #Meetup

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21.05.2024 19:46
karolykassjr (

Adam Antal
Scalable Machine Learning Pipelines Using Argo Workflows
#CloudNativeBudapest #CloudNativeCommunity #CloudNativeFdn #CloudNative #meetup

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21.05.2024 19:38
karolykassjr (

Peter Marton
Real-time usage metering with Kafka and Clickhouse
#CloudNativeBudapest #CloudNativeCommunity #CloudNativeFdn #CloudNative #meetup

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21.05.2024 19:26
karolykassjr (

Márk Sagi-Kazár opened the event.
#CloudNativeBudapest #CloudNativeCommunity #CloudNativeFdn #CloudNative #meetup

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21.05.2024 18:17
svenjacobs (

An alle #Kotlin Enthusiasten aus #Köln und Umgebung:

Am 28.05. findet bei der #REWEdigital im #Carlswerk die nächste #KotlinConf Global Veranstaltung statt.

Einlass ist um 18 Uhr. Ab 18:30 Uhr werden wir zusammen die Keynote schauen. Im Anschluss ist Zeit für Pläuschchen unter Gleichgesinnten. Für das leibliche Wohl ist gesorgt.

RSVP über Meetup.

#KotlinConfGlobal #Meetup #Cologne

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21.05.2024 17:53
brennansv (

It is amazing how neglected has become. I am trying to search for an event and it keeps changing the location to Verizon, NY. Is there even a place? #Meetup

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21.05.2024 16:16
vshn (

This Thursday, May 23rd, we'll be hosting the Cloud Native Computing #Meetup in #Zurich at the #Bluelion Incubator, Josefstrasse 219. It starts at 16:00. There are still a few free slots, head over to to register and get all the information. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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