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24.07.2024 18:55
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: today's version 1.7.2 build 117 enables DM conversations tab support for GotoSocial 0.17.

this build is currently recommended only for GtS developers and adventurous admins, since the conversations API is new to GtS and 0.17 hasn't been released yet.

for everyone else, there are no visible changes in this build, and you don't need to update.

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22.07.2024 23:27
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: today's version 1.7.2 build 116 fixes a server-side filtering bug that prevented some boosts from being filtered. thanks to mirabilos for the detailed report and repro instructions.

this build is recommended for all Mastodon and GotoSocial users.

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20.07.2024 23:57
Feditext (

today we're opening up the beta to more users. here's what we need from you:

enable Share With App Developers under iOS Settings, Privacy & Security, Analytics & Improvements so we get crash dumps.

file bugs at so current and future contributors can read them. DO NOT @ US HERE.

if you get an error with a Copy JSON button, tap it and paste the results into the bug report. that will give us details we don't get otherwise.

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20.07.2024 23:38
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: today's version 1.7.2 build 115 includes partial support for server-side filtering on instances that have it (Mastodon 4, GotoSocial 0.16).

it also changes the filter UX to allow you to view filtered posts if you really want to. you can get the previous behavior where filtered posts are not shown at all by switching filters to "Drop instead of hide", which is now supported on GtS.

next up: full v2 filter support, including filtering individual posts.

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20.07.2024 00:29
raiden_fedi (

@fleck @kuketzblog verwende ich auch. Leider wird die App nicht mehr weiterentwickelt. Habe bislang noch keine gleichwertige Alternative gefunden.

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12.07.2024 20:10
phpmacher (

Ich nutze ebenfalls #icecubesapp

Aber zur Vollständigkeit: @Feditext ist der Nachfolger von #metatext

@cloudpiep @formschub @sinnundverstand

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11.07.2024 07:12
umbertomellino (

Essendo su iOS ho abbandonato presto la app ufficiale di Mastodon, provandone diverse e alla fine scegliendo #Metatext .
Da ieri però sono passato a #Openvibe che mi consente di avere in una unica timeline Mastodon e Bluesky -due mondi diversi ma entrambi interessanti

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01.07.2024 18:38
Thumper1964 (

Even though #Metatext was working just fine for me, I decided to install the Mona for Mastodon app to test it out. So far I’m liking what I’m seeing.

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29.06.2024 20:04
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: we're aware of the crash when attempting to render a very large poll, which can render Feditext unusable. today's version 1.7.2 build 114 has a workaround which shows an error message in place of polls with over 100 options.

we recommend that all users update to 114 immediately, which you can do in the TestFlight app.

more details in this issue:

thanks to rune for finding this edge case 😝

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27.06.2024 16:46
geneapleau (

@greenpete Same with the #Metatext app

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23.06.2024 17:27
gdinwiddie (

I've found very serviceable on iOS.

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20.06.2024 05:04
Searge (

Напевно, зі всіх мастодонтівських застосунків, найбільше подобається #metatext. І через назву, бо дуже влучна, і через іконку, і через простоту.

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