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04.04.2024 22:30
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: double release today! version 1.7.2 build 103 fixes the rendering problem with folded posts containing <hr> tags (Siren only; our WebKit parser doesn't support <hr> tags) and may fix or reduce missing or flickering emoji with both parsers. it's recommended for all users.

also, a reminder: please turn on crash reporting as detailed in this post:

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04.04.2024 18:46
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: today's version 1.7.2 build 102 updates the follow request count when the app receives follow request or follow notifications, and should fix

this build is recommended for users with locked accounts.

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04.04.2024 18:35
Feditext (

@dvolps @ray1705 fyi, the Metatext project ended a year and a half ago and the app's no longer maintained (note the project's archival date: Nov. 30, 2022)

Feditext is Metatext's successor: we picked up where Metatext ended, and have added support for newer Mastodon features such as editing posts, as well as rich text support, notification grouping, etc. and massively improved support for non-Mastodon instances.

DM to join our TestFlight beta!

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04.04.2024 12:58
dvolps (

@ray1705 I like #MetaText on iOS. It could use some additional font size and theme customization functionality but it’s solid and easy to use.

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02.04.2024 18:56
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: GotoSocial announced their first 0.15 prerelease today, which includes filter support contributed by our very own Vyr.

Feditext version 1.7.2 build 101 improves filter UI by hiding the "Drop instead of hide" filter option when using a GtS instance, where it is not yet supported and won't work.

if you aren't using a GtS instance, you don't need to upgrade Feditext today.

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01.04.2024 23:46
System32 (

is such a good application on ios that no longer update

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01.04.2024 19:59
Feditext (

for the record, Feditext supports iOS 15 and up. Vyr still keeps her old iPhone 6s Plus on her desk for real-device testing.

the oldest devices capable of running Feditext are:
• iPhone 6s / 6s Plus (2015)
• iPod touch (7th gen) (2019)
• iPad (5th gen) (2017)
• iPad Air 2 (2014)
• iPad mini 4 (2015)
• iPad Pro (2017)

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29.03.2024 03:20
kmmfoo (

tbh i have no idea why #metatext forced me to turn that into a poll. but so be it.

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29.03.2024 01:03
Feditext (

Feditext beta users: the Feditext Centennial Update (version 1.7.2 build 100) fixes two long-standing issues:
- (deleted toot handling)
- (network error UX)

non-actionable and/or transient errors now show up as toasts instead of modals. this update is recommended for all Feditext users.

VoiceOver users will hear them read as announcements. toasts will not be animated if reduce motion is on. you can turn them off in app prefs.

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28.03.2024 00:39
stu (

@yuukayuuka Have you tried #Metatext or #Ivory or #icecubes

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24.03.2024 23:22
espero (

我的#Metatext 突然用不了了,一打开就卡死……

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22.03.2024 01:16
Feditext (

this week, Vyr has been working on (handling deleted posts) and (more useful and less frequent error messages).

we might still be App Store ready by the end of March, but that's a best case scenario.

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