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20.04.2024 12:58
ricraftis (@ricraftis@pkm.social)

Great meeting this evening for a bunch of #PKM people organised by @bianca_pereira for the @ColliderSpace community. If you're into PKM, follow @ColliderSpace and connect with likeminded people. It was even at a civilised time for those of us in Australia. Great presentation by @ellane #obsidian

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20.04.2024 11:41
amerpie (@amerpie@social.lol)

@esamecar I use Drafts for so many things - quick capture for #Obsidian, daily templates for Things 3 checklists, a running list of calendar events, journal entries and tasks for Fantastical, Day One and Things 3. I use AI integration for proofreading and shortcuts to automate other processes. It's truly indispensable!

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20.04.2024 11:03
archiloque (@archiloque@felin.social)

I’m investigating using #Obsidian, and I wonder if I should store the node_modules directory inside my vault or elsewhere

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20.04.2024 08:30
TfTHacker (@TfTHacker@pkm.social)

Video: @nickmilo "delightful" love letter to Obsidian

• Highly customizable
• Linking enhances thinking and creative processes
• Plain text future-proof notes, stored locally, full-ownership

#TfT #Obsidian


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20.04.2024 08:04
mick_talbott (@mick_talbott@infosec.exchange)

@taylorparizo If you want to migrate your notes from #Notion to #Obsidian faster, Obsidian has published an article with some resources:


Over the past year I've migrated several #Evernote accounts to Obsidian, and I've been happily using Markdown files for years. I love Obsidian, and even more I'm Loving no more vendor lock-in!

In my case I found this project 'yarle' to be super helpful in migrating from Evernote:


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20.04.2024 02:34
taylorparizo (@taylorparizo@infosec.exchange)

I'm slowly migrating my Notion notebook to Obsidian and it's causing me to reorganize a lot of my notes. The graph visualization feature reminded me that whenever I take notes, I need to connect them back to some other topic otherwise I'll just forget about it a week later.

Also writing in pure markdown just makes note taking a breeze.
#Obsidian #markdown

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20.04.2024 01:12
qiita (@qiita@rss-mstdn.studiofreesia.com)

Obsidianが大学生活を変える! 学生必見の活用術

#qiita #初心者 #レポート #大学生 #obsidian

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19.04.2024 22:25
amerpie (@amerpie@social.lol)

MarkDownload - The Browser Extension that Works With #Obsidian: amerpie.lol/2024/04/19/markdow

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19.04.2024 20:06
archaeology (@archaeology@mstdn.social)

Archaeologists unearth earliest evidence of body perforation in Türkiye

Archaeologists have unearthing evidence of body perforation dating back 11,000 years at the Boncuklu Tarla excavation site in southeastern Türkiye. This finding, detailed in a study published in the journal Antiquity, represents the earliest known evidence of body piercing in Southwest Asia...

More information: archaeologymag.com/2024/03/ear

Follow @archaeology

#archaeology #bodypiercing #obsidian #neolithic #anthropology

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19.04.2024 18:01
nicole (@nicole@pkm.social)

I've always struggled with the idea of visual note-taking because I'm not great at drawing and honestly, if I had to choose between text and images, I would always choose text. But recently, @zsviczian told me I didn't have to choose. Here's a video of how I now take hybrid notes (textual AND visual) by default, using the Obsidian Excalidraw plugin: youtu.be/zmgqMZi6QL8
#obsidian #pkm

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19.04.2024 17:46
nunocampos (@nunocampos@pkm.social)

🚀 Obsidian Plugins Review — 54 is out🚀 This week, we're diving into the latest Obsidian plugins, including Crypt It, Lavadocs, Quick File Name, Sticky Heading, BackItUp, Callout Suggestions, Tag Links, Notice Logger, Hemingway Mode, Univer, Shiki, and Foodiary. Stay tuned to supercharge your note-taking game! 📝💡 link.medium.com/mtFO3awuVIb
#obsidian #ObsidianMD #pkm #secondbrain #notetaking @obsidian @obsidianmd@a.gup.pe @obsidianmd@lemmy.world

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19.04.2024 15:31
blogoklahoma (@blogoklahoma@social.tulsa.ok.us)

BEST of BOTH Worlds? Digitizing Field Notes inside Obsidian [Showcase] | CyanVoxel

#Obsidian #GTD #Notes

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