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25.07.2024 02:20
clankgy1 (@clankgy1@infosec.exchange)

I'm relieved that the technical issue at micro.blog with my site has been resolved. I am excited at the future workflows being able to post both blog entries and pages from #obsidian notes, and the apparent cross-link capability that micro.blog offers.

Coming from WP and Ghost, the site seems very fast in serving pages. Makes perfect sense from a site designed primarily for serving mostly static content.

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24.07.2024 19:31
waynepalmer (@waynepalmer@mastodon.social)

Apple Notes is typically where all my passing and semi-permanent thoughts end up, however I have recently become infatuated with Obsidian. I love its simplicity, its openness and how easy it is for me to share thoughts rather than keeping them locked away in my Notes. So much so I created my own Digital Garden with it here waynepalmer.co.uk

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24.07.2024 12:26
Colman (@Colman@mastodon.ie)

@fleg @leah @Natanox my point is purely that many of the "Aiiieeeee, #obsidian isn't open source" crowd are perfectly fine with VC "open source".

My experience of the two models is that small scale closed source is often more reliable and ethical in the long term than VC backed "open source", which is inclined towards enshittification when the VCs get impatient.

But I've never been a believer in the "applications must be open source" thing, I'm happy with open formats.

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24.07.2024 11:18
preslavrachev (@preslavrachev@mastodon.social)

With the completely revamped global search that now highlights search results, is one idea closer to being usable. Not going to replace for me in the foreseeable future, but you never know ;) community.anytype.io/t/anytype

P.S. How did this get buried in the release notes, and has not been celebrated with the fanfare it rightfully deserves, is still a mystery to me.

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24.07.2024 07:36
clankgy1 (@clankgy1@infosec.exchange)

I got some great ideas #obsidian and #microblog ideas from @amerpie . I need to do a bit of research to see if I can duplicate some of what you are doing without using a Mac or Shortcuts.

I am also looking forward with starting with micro.blog as soon as I get a technical issue with them resolved. Although Ghost was an interesting option, it was a bit too many bux for the droplet needed to run it at Digital Island. Although it's not perfect (looking at you slug-handling), it appears fast and I can post from Obsidian which would be helpful.


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24.07.2024 04:29
dcbuchan (@dcbuchan@aus.social)

@ellane Like any website platform it depends on how much you want to tweak it.

Out of the box, once setup which is reasonably easy, it boils down to write then sync to cloud.

Happy to help if you want to head that way.

The big benefit for me is to have published and personal notes in the one vault. I see more links in #obsidian than you do publicly.


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24.07.2024 00:44
dcbuchan (@dcbuchan@aus.social)

@purposeofpomelo I had a useful thought to share with all. The complexity of managing the in-between state of my Quartz site is overwhelming. I can use a graph filtered down to the important folders (notes and maps) to help me find missing connections.

path:Quartz/notes OR path:Quartz/maps

#obsidian #pkm #quartz4

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24.07.2024 00:06
notes (@notes@misskey-square.net)

emacsのオルグモードを卒業して、マークダウン形式の、エディターで文章を管理しようと思う。無料のよいエディターが増えた。今は、obsidian をスマホとPCでそれぞれ同期して利用している。続くかな。またemacsに戻ったりして。 #obsidian

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23.07.2024 22:22
fedops (@fedops@fosstodon.org)

Started using #obsidian on a new machine today. Installed the flatpak, git cloned my vault repo, and pointed obsidian to open it.

It then immediately opened the git plugin settings to review them. I had not installed the plugin, it is stored within the vault and is available after opening a cloned copy.

I was literally taking my first note 10 seconds after installation. That's pretty cool.

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23.07.2024 18:46
actionsdotwork (@actionsdotwork@pkm.social)

I've released Actions URI 1.6 for #ObsidianMD, a plugin adding additional `x-callback-url` endpoints for common actions.

v1.6 brings:

- Adds support for targeting notes by UID
- Deprecates the periodic note-related routes, moves their functionality into `/note/*`
- new settings UI
- `/note/get-active-note` returns the current selection as part of its result
- `/note-properties/*`supports working with current periodic notes
- and more!

Get it @ obsidian.md/plugins?id=zottman

#Obsidian #PKM #XCU

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23.07.2024 15:26
leah (@leah@pkm.social)

@Natanox #logseq is a popular open source alternative. Maybe give that one a look?

The #Obsidian dev did post this in the Discord, if that helps with the app being auditable?

"You can actually examine the entire code that Obsidian runs right from the app itself. Open the developer console, hit the "Sources" tab and open "app.js". There's a button at the bottom that says "{}" which will neatly format the source code for you to examine.”

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23.07.2024 15:19
jjude (@jjude@cpn.jjude.com)

Checking out #NotePlan . What I like?

• file over app concept; local files in markdown format ⇒ files are under my control even thought app might go out of biz
• It it interoperable with @obsidian . I can use both together, if I want. How nice!
• It even supports the same format for linking to a heading in a note like #obsidian - [[note#heading]]
• Syncs via iCloud. I have to pay a commercial license & for sync in Obsidian. If I use #setapp (https://setapp.com/) it becomes even more cheaper since I can use lot of other apps for the same price
• Availability of bi-directional links
• In addition to all these, I like their integration of tasks and calendar into note taking - both of mobile and mac

Testing it out for a while. So far, I use a note-taking app for a day and then switch to obsidian because Obsidian is beautifully designed. Let me see how long I use NotePlan 😀

Got to know NotePlan from the list shared by @kvistgaard here: https://www.strategicstructures.com/?p=2591

#pkm #toolsforthought #tool

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