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18.05.2024 18:58
item (@item@the.talesofmy.life)
I started learning about YAML front matter in #Obsidian and wanted to add an author field, but it threw me into Properties, and won't let me out of that. Properties even shows up in the reader view. Front matter isn't supposed to show up there. So what's going on?

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18.05.2024 18:31
ProfCharlesHaas (@ProfCharlesHaas@mastodon.social)

@johnnydecimal Still a long time user of @OmniFocus I have also settled in on a mix of @devontechnologies and @obsidian . I was a long time user, and that débâcle taught me the benefit of trying to keep data files locally (though I so sync via a mix of , and

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18.05.2024 12:47
henrik (@henrik@ruby.social)

Does anyone here keep an inventory of all their possessions, in #Obsidian or otherwise? Wondering what’s a good approach.

I started thinking about it when reviewing insurance, and I think I would enjoy the process 🤓

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18.05.2024 10:57
Marco_Mindstone (@Marco_Mindstone@mstdn.business)

Fontsource is the ideal @obsidian community plugin for enhancing your vault, providing a wealth of font choices for more customization.


#obsidian #plugin

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18.05.2024 06:42
TfTHacker (@TfTHacker@pkm.social)

Calling all Obsidian users! AI can enhance your note-taking experience, but let's encourage plugin devs to get third-party privacy reviews. It's about building trust and ensuring our vaults stay secure. 🛡️ #TfT #Obsidian #AI


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17.05.2024 19:02
jonobie (@jonobie@social.coop)

More boggling at the #NCE.

One of the sample tests I just took was like "which of these is a defense mechanism" [a psychoanalytic thing]. I answered and got it wrong.

So I read my #Obsidian writeup about it to see why I missed it. It wasn't there. ...Huh, did I just forget to add it?

Turns out stuff online sometimes shows as few as 5 defense mechanisms or as many as 32. Which one is the canonical list? Who knows.


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17.05.2024 16:30
thomas_mathoi (@thomas_mathoi@mastodon.social)

Methoden zum Wiederfinden von Informationen sind für ein -System mindestens ebenso bedeutsam, wie jene zum Erfassen. bietet dank eines guten Funktionsumfangs ausreichend Möglichkeiten, um Informationen im Bedarfsfall rasch parat zu haben ...


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17.05.2024 16:24
outofcontrol (@outofcontrol@phpc.social)

Love Obsidian, but for the past 2-3 weeks it would freeze and get slow.
1. Themes and plugins must be upgraded separately from core
2. iCloud appears to not automatically download all files, or quietly reverts some files to cloud only, making indexing and search in obsidian super slow
3.Pages with large markdown table with broken formatting can cause Obsidian to become unresponsive for over a minute each time you try to open that page. Suspect this is a bug?


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17.05.2024 15:54
nunocampos (@nunocampos@pkm.social)

🚀New #Obsidian Plugins Review - 58! Explore 12 of the latest Obsidian plugins and discover how these new tools can boost your productivity and take your note-taking to the next level! Read now! link.medium.com/CdwZRMLPFJb #obsidian #ObsidianMD #pkm #notetaking #productivity @obsidian @obsidianmd@a.gup.pe @obsidianmd@lemmy.world

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17.05.2024 14:16
shanesemler (@shanesemler@metalhead.club)

Speaking of #Obsidian, #mindmapping doesn't work for me. The thing is, it's not too different from how I actually think. My thoughts are a jumble of loose connections bouncing around. When I put that on paper or a graphic, it's basically a visual representation of what's going on in my head so it doesn't really help organise my thoughts or help me think differently because it's how I think already. Maybe I'm missing the point?

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17.05.2024 14:05
shanesemler (@shanesemler@metalhead.club)

I didn't used to be a "militant" #FOSS user, but I've been bitten too many times by companies with #proprietarysoftware. For example, #Reason DAW, #Zbrush - both companies that decided to say fuck you to perpetual licenses. Now, I try to avoid any proprietary application. I recently went looking for a good notes app and everyone loves #Obsidian. As soon as I saw it was closed source, I noped out and settled on #Joplin. These companies will eventually fuck over customers so I won't waste my time.

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17.05.2024 12:15
TfTHacker (@TfTHacker@pkm.social)

There is a fascinating new plugin in development for #Obsidian at outliner.md. It looks promising. 🌟

If you love outliners, this might finally be the middle-ground you have been waiting for: True markdown meets an outliner in Obsidian. #TfT 🔍

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