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20.04.2024 16:15

I beg to differ, considering the staggering number of compromises affecting commercial applications (not open-source) on a daily basis. #cybersecurity #infosec

“Open-source models are susceptible to malicious attacks or data breaches, potentially compromising user data and privacy.”

The ethical pros and cons of #Meta’s new Llama 3 open-source #AI model #opensource @FastCompany

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20.04.2024 15:59
conansysadmin (

'Tis best to be cautious when awakening a powerful daemon locked within a box. #Linux #OpenSource

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20.04.2024 15:52
ycombinator (

We Run FreeBSD Current at Netflix [video]
#ycombinator #FreeBSD #Netflix #OpenSource #OpenFest

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20.04.2024 15:42
LibreOfficeDE (

Noch nicht auf #LibreOffice 24.2 aktualisiert? Hier finden Sie einen Überblick über einige der neuen Funktionen - mit Untertiteln in 30 Sprachen!
#foss #opensource

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20.04.2024 15:29
jacqueline (


"(...) In February you could already read about #rabenyx , our in-house Corona organization help. 🛠️Now you can read the conclusion of the project - and get an impression for yourself, because #rabenyx is now #OpenSource !🎉 (...)"

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20.04.2024 15:24
simsus (

#LXQt: Version 2.0 der Desktop-Umgebung basiert auf Qt 6 | heise online #Linux :tux: #OpenSource

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20.04.2024 15:24
jacqueline (

@fnordkollektiv @gnulinux

"(...) The lovely people at@gnulinuxallowed us to briefly present our WA backstage project there. Thank you very much again🥰

#opensource #workadventure #backstage #admin #HybridWorking #fedilz (...)"

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20.04.2024 15:16
gamingonlinux (

The Wine 9.7 development release is out now bringing with it the usual bug fixes, plus some ARM platform improvements for this Windows compatibility layer used in Proton.
#OpenSource #Wine #NewRelease #Misc

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20.04.2024 15:11
gamingonlinux (

Wine 9.7 released with ARM improvements

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20.04.2024 15:04
videos (

Gaming Linux - 0 A.D. 0.25b - Gameplay | Sans commentaire - No commentary

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20.04.2024 15:02
nitrokey (

Are you a student? Looking for some more #opensource security this spring? We got you! We offer a student discount! Get in touch: 😎

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20.04.2024 14:41
RayuDW (

So, I have taken a look at DigiKam as new image management tool and well. I'm amazed by the face recognition it offers o.o

(And that there haven't seem to be any issues letting it crawl through 2TB of images to import, getting metadata of them and automatically getting images tagged)

What amazed me the most is that this entire thing is Open Source. I love it even more.


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