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23.05.2024 10:31
NudelnAlDente (

#PayPal: I see you've moved country. You'll need to close your existing account & open a new one.

Me: Yes... I can certainly do one of those things.

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23.05.2024 03:30
nono2357 (

#Arnaque sur #PayPal : si vous recevez le virement d’un inconnu, surtout ne renvoyez pas la somme

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22.05.2024 17:01
koteisaev (

I would outlaw #PayPal for their awful API and events. Stripe is much easier to work with.
But I bet that even my local bank API is better than this mess from PayPal.

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22.05.2024 09:54
notes (

Die Faschisten bekommen auch viel zu leicht Spendengelder, neben den Finanzierungsspritzen aus Russland und China, deren wichtigstes Standbein. Zumindest das AfD-Paypal Konto lässt sich leicht sperren, entsprechende Regelungen hat Paypal in seinen AGBs. Jeder Stein im Weg zählt und mit folgender #Petition können wir einen weiteren hinzufügen.

#campact #noafd #paypal

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22.05.2024 06:20
notes (

Haven't eaten in 24 hours. Cannot drink tap because of lead in water.

My family are all incredibly sick physically and cannot eat / drink, literally anything. I'm asking for any help I can get, we can't even afford our meds. Trying to get food and potentially pain meds.

Thank you for reading. Hope you're doing well. <3 <3

#CashApp - $ZakJae
#PayPal -

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #MoneyRequest #AidRequest #HelpLine #Help #HelpingOthers #EmergecyAid #EmergencyCrowdFund #DisabilityAid #AidRequest #Aid #EmergencyHelp #HelpFolksLive2024 #HelpFolksLive #HelpNeeded #EmergencyMedicine #FinancialAid #MoneyAid @mutualaid

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21.05.2024 23:36
CultureDesk (

In 2019, a content creator and model named Belle Delphine went viral for selling jars of her bathwater. The stunt earned her $90K in profits, but PayPal then closed her account so she never saw a dime of the money until she wrote about it on X earlier this month. Here's more from @theverge.

#ContentCreation #PayPal #ViralContent #Internet #PopCulture

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21.05.2024 15:36
objects (
Does anyone have $10-$20 they can spare? Trying to get some more food so I have that along with replace personal items my family has yet again taken from me... :floof_Mug: (Hair brush and hemp seed oil lotion that worked better for me)

Just $10-$20 would work great :floof_Heart: Gonna try and stop at the discount store ran by a local trans fem to get at least the Hair brush and some food

CASHAPP: $LynxPunk

#Emergency #EmergencyFunds #EmergencyCrowdFund #TransCrowdFund #TeenCrowdFund #ChronicIllnessCrowdFund #KickedOut #Runaway #Urgent #UrgentCrowdFund #Trans #Transgender #MutualAid #FinancialAid #HelpPeopleSurvive2024 #HelpPeopleLive2023 #NewYears #Boost #UrgentFunds #Fundraiser #ShowUpForWishes #Help #FoodInsecurity #HighSchool #Minor #Catturday @mutualaid #PayPal #CashApp #HomelessCrowdFund #Homeless #TransGenderCrowdFund #Agender #Medical #Student #FTM #HelpFolksLive2024 #DisabilityCrowdFund #BostsOkay #ChronicIllness #HelpPeopleLive2024 #CrowdFund


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21.05.2024 15:21
kttka (

@tino76H Der AfD sollte man mit demokratischen Mitteln entgegentreten und die kleinmachen. Aber die sog. "demokratischen" Parteien haben es nicht geschafft und schaffen es bisher nicht. Das was campact macht trägt sich nicht zur Lösung bei. In meinen Augen werden hier mit gleichen Mitteln gekämpft, wie die die AfD nutzt. Die finanzielle Grundlage entziehen und jegliches Recht absprechen. Leicht faschistoide Tendenzen? Es muss anders gehen.

#noafd #PayPal #Demokratie

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21.05.2024 15:00
rss_ukr_news (

PayPal заблокував прибутки секс-блогерки, яка заробила $90 000 на продажу води зі своєї ванни

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21.05.2024 14:17
dustcircle (

E-girl #BelleDelphine finally got paid for selling her #bathwater

The #OnlyFans star’s ‘GamerGirl bathwater’ went viral in 2019 – but then #PayPal froze her accounts

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21.05.2024 07:15
objects (

June 2024 mutual aid request | URGENT EMERGENCY SUMMER BREAK | Food Insecurity | Medical | CashApp & PayPal | Kick out/Run away | $0/510


Hey friends! :floof_Heart: Sending this mutual aid request out a little earlier than I would typically due to the fact that school ends here pretty soon leaving me with *no* food access if any at all. If you've followed any of my accounts ( - - - cool you've probably seen photos of heard me talk about how bad home life is. All fundings go to supporting me (Almost 17 - High school junior) and my younger brother (age 15 - High school freshmen) to be able to afford basic necessities, food and medications for my issues.

To keep it short and simple ; My parents are divorced, both aren't safe. At my fathers house (Main house) he's abusive, has made sexual comments in regards to minors (That are my age), takes away my privacy and attempts to force me to change with the door open, refuses food, refuses medical, refuses showers, refuses basic necessities, takes my basic necessities, etc. My mothers house (Side house - Where I will be for summer break), isn't the best either. While at least my necessities aren't stolen, my food is when I have it unless I hide it well enough, there's 0 food in that home, she's a hoarder and it's to the point I sleep on the floor on a dog bed. She even hoards animals.

Due to home issues (Goes into a lot of crap but there's an outline of home life.) I am unable to obtain any necessities from my parents such as but not limited to: Food, clothing, medications, hygiene products, etc. I do NOT have a job and I am not allowed to get a job. I'm a trans teen just trying to make it through my last year in this shitty situation (I plan on getting out the day I turn 18 :floof_Heart:) 90% of the time the only way i'm eating and being able to take care of myself is through school food and mutual aids. I have a chronic disease (Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)) which affects my skin to the point it non stop bleeds and is severely painful which I need medications for. I have several other medical conditions and without my medications my medical goes down hill fast.

Whatever bare minimum food that is in my mothers house dates back to at minimum 2022 and the oldest i've found so far is 2017, it's all moldy, moths growing in it, maggots, etc. Or Twinkies (While they're probably still good - they taste horrible and eating them for every meal of the day non stop is horrible.)

I'm constantly at risk of getting kicked out of my home and I have already been locked out due to me being transgender and not putting up with the abuse. CPS does not listen; nor does a pig (Oh, did I say that? I mean a cop); nor does the fire department; nobody does. Sadly.

CASHAPP: $LynxPunk

If you cannot currently support this but want to, a boost helps or if you're willing to; signing up for CashApp under my referral code get's us both $5 which helps more than one may think :floof_Heart:

Cost breakdowns for the month! Any extra fundings will be put towards getting my parrot a new urn (His last one unfortunately broke) and/or cashed out and shoved somewhere safe to help me move out of state at 18 :floof_Heart:

FOOD: $400

HYGIENE: $30 (Feminine products, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc)

MEDICATIONS: $50 (4x meds for chronic disease (3 prescription + 1 one reg), anxiety/insomnia meds, pain killers)


DELIVERY SERVICE SUBSCRIPTION: $10 (Saves us money as far as taxes plus other fees along with delivery fees :floof_Heart: due to how much this will be used a month subscription over summer break it's cheaper for us this way)

TOTAL: $510


#Emergency #EmergencyFunds #EmergencyCrowdFund #TransCrowdFund #TeenCrowdFund #ChronicIllnessCrowdFund #KickedOut #Runaway #Urgent #UrgentCrowdFund #Trans #Transgender #MutualAid #FinancialAid #HelpPeopleSurvive2024 #HelpPeopleLive2023 #NewYears #Boost #UrgentFunds #Fundraiser #ShowUpForWishes #Help #FoodInsecurity #HighSchool #Minor #Catturday @mutualaid #PayPal #CashApp #HomelessCrowdFund #Homeless #TransGenderCrowdFund #Agender #Medical #Student #FTM #HelpFolksLive2024 #DisabilityCrowdFund #BostsOkay #ChronicIllness #HelpPeopleLive2024 #CrowdFund #PrideMonth #Pride #Summer

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21.05.2024 03:40
Alpha1Nine (

Earlier this year I removed #Adsense from my #website.

It was serving dozens of #Temu #ads to my pages & my site looked more like a Temu site than my site.

I made an announcement that the site would no longer accept #advertising.

My site started getting more traffic & I was sent a US$3,000 #PayPal #donation by a user!

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