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24.07.2024 20:07
bt (@bt@mastodon.bsd.cafe)

Wrote a new post. Nothing crazy, but a minor update on a post I wrote ~2 years ago:

"Setting Up Pi-Hole with Eero on Starlink"


#starlink #pihole #wifi

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24.07.2024 09:30
Gigoince (@Gigoince@diaspodon.fr)

Bizarre cette quantité de requêtes https ! J'en avais aucune dans mon install précédente, sur Raspbian, et bien moins de types de requêtes différentes.

Ce type de répartition, c'est raccord avec une install bien faite et fonctionnelle de #Pihole ?

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23.07.2024 09:20
ebbesand (@ebbesand@freiburg.social)

Haha, #Google plant nun doch kein standardmäßiges Blockieren von Cookies. #pihole

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20.07.2024 20:42
Hexangon (@Hexangon@mastodon.social)

@KathyReid Ich habe zwar kein #piHole am Start aber mit #uBlockOrigin unter #Firefox kann ich die Seite aufrufen.Sieht zwar nicht schön aus aber es geht. #Piano.io habe ich auch im Filter geblockt.

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20.07.2024 15:49
bdorer (@bdorer@social.tchncs.de)

@kuketzblog hmm, das gleiche gilt doch für alle, die #piHole nutzen, oder?

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20.07.2024 12:51
stfn (@stfn@fosstodon.org)

New blog post!

This time it's a tutorial on how to setup subdomains in your homelab, so that for example, you can access your Jellyfin instance by jellyfin.homelab.local and not homelab.local:8080

I'm using Caddy and good ol' Pi-hole to make it work.


#blog #homelab #pihole #selfhosted #networking

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18.07.2024 15:45
smeg (@smeg@assortedflotsam.com)

If any unethical network operator (or government) can disable DoH on clients with a simple DNS flag, then what problem does DoH solve?

It stops you from blocking ads on the DNS level. That's all it was ever supposed to solve.

Disable DoH. Reject DoH.

#dns #adblock #pihole #networking #doh #dnsoverhttps

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17.07.2024 13:22
FreakyFwoof (@FreakyFwoof@universeodon.com)

O dear. My #PiHole instances are now showing a dirty copilot.microsoft.com domain that I don't like the look of.

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17.07.2024 10:40
galaxydinodragon (@galaxydinodragon@social.linux.pizza)

Do you use pi-hole or similar? Talking about DNS ad/tracker blocking

#pihole #adguard #dns #homelab #servers #networking

Yes, pi-hole
Yes, something like pi-hole
What's pi-hole

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16.07.2024 15:57
jenzi (@jenzi@mastodon.social)

Hey #Homeassistant users. I can't add new integrations, the loader for the list of integrations is blank! I also run a #pihole on my network and suspect that has something blocked but I've disabled it and still can't add new integrations.

I've posted on the forums, went on Discord... no one really replies. This is my last hope. Why is this broken?

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16.07.2024 10:27
reindeerphoto (@reindeerphoto@mastodon.social)

@pestilence @netzpolitik_feed @br_data
#pihole plus #ublockorigin...:-) (in meinem Fall)
Du bist, wie ich ein "Windmühlenkämpfer;-)

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15.07.2024 22:26
slowe (@slowe@mastodon.me.uk)

I already have Ublock on most of my browsing but putting #PiHole (with three lists added) on my Wifi seems to have blocked roughly 10% of DNS requests over the weekend. A big chunk of that is blocking some tracking requests in streaming services and on my partner's phone. It is fascinating to see the volume of tracking.

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