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19.04.2024 19:28
platymew (@platymew@layer8.space)

WHOAAA 👀 fancy! 🤩

#Ubuntu #LXD has a shmancy web-UI!

👉 sudo snap refresh lxd --edge

It's "bleeding" --edge, all tight! 😅
I had to create the 1st instance via cli.

I'm trying to figure out whether i can run #pihole and #nextcloud within the non-upgradable 2GB RAM envelope of that wee #Wyse3040 thin client.

The containers aren't fully installed, yet. But they're running at ~500MB of RAM.

#Proxmox was a dead end - uses 1.5GB without running a single container!

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17.04.2024 00:24
jpaskaruk (@jpaskaruk@growers.social)

So was it #PiHole that allows you to set blackout hours for certain websites? Asking for a friend. Yah, a friend. He lives in Can... Australia.

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16.04.2024 01:22
viewpoint (@viewpoint@botsin.space)

Today was a good day! Why, you ask? Because I blocked 17847 ads via Pi-Hole! #PiHole #Security Status:() amzn.to/2CTOzFi #IOT #SmartHome

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15.04.2024 14:21
sabret00the (@sabret00the@mas.to)

So I've been running #PiHole for just under 24 hours and I want to say this. It's fucking fantastic! I don't know what #VirginMedia were doing, but whatever it is, they're not very good at #DHCP, with the #RaspberryPiZero2W acting as the DHCP authority, my network has sped up a lot. It's crazy that these #ISP's are determined to even try and monetize #LAN traffic. I still need to build my new router though. I'm excited to move my #HomeLab forward and have everything firmly under my control.

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14.04.2024 20:50
sabret00the (@sabret00the@mas.to)

But the day isn't all bad. Today I got my #PiHole up and running with #Unbound upstream and wow, it's made everything a little snappier. And I say that as someone who is running #NextDNS anyway.

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14.04.2024 17:09
fnxweb (@fnxweb@mastodon.social)

#PiHole FTW. That said, while Pi-Hole is easy to install and maintain, choosing the block lists it uses is less straightforward.

Government spyware is another reason to use an ad blocker | TechCrunch

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13.04.2024 15:39
TerpEE93 (@TerpEE93@hachyderm.io)

Trying to figure out how to create an automation in #HomeAssistant where someone presses a smart button, and that executes a REST call to my #PiHole. Anyone have a good doc to explain how?

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11.04.2024 22:07
saiki (@saiki@social.tchncs.de)

@itsecnews noch ein Grund mehr sämtlichen scheiß zu blocken. #pihole #ublock

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09.04.2024 18:25
hackliza (@hackliza@defcon.social)

O prometido é débeda! Compartillamos as presentacións do faladoiro: github.com/hackliza/presentaci #hacking #opsec #sudo #ptrace #pihole

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09.04.2024 16:53
slubman (@slubman@social.linux.pizza)

@changelog how does it compare to #PiHole or #AdguardHome ?

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08.04.2024 16:25
lucas3d (@lucas3d@mastodon.social)

@kyle I vote for #pihole :-)

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07.04.2024 18:22
abimelechbeutelbilch (@abimelechbeutelbilch@fulda.social)

@kaschmir @eBlocker_org

Toller Erfahrungsbericht! 👍🏻

Ein paar Dinge halten mich persönlich als seit 2019 begeisterten #pihole User und gelegentlichen #contributor aber dennoch vom #eblocker ab (ich hatte ihn mir tatsächlich in den letzten Jahren auch mal angeschaut, aber nie denselben Gefallen wie am pihole gefunden 🤷🏻‍♂️)

- #openvpn ist recht lahm und alt. Gibt es da nix mit #wireguard für #vpn ?

- der eblocker kann ja eigentlich viel mehr als nur DNS basiert blocken. 2,3% blockrate finde ich da nicht plausibel. Oder welches OS haben deine Laptops? Ich habe hier so um die über 20 Geräte (Linux, macOS, iOS, Windows, androidTV, PS4, Nintendo Switch, irgendwas smartes, …) und zwischen 20-30%. Früher vor allem von den Windows PCs, mittlerweile haben sich iOS und MacOS vorgedrängelt. In meiner VPS Server-Umgebung (Linux) sind es 0,00% - auf dem Linux Desktop zuhause ein paar %, je nachdem wo man eben rumsurft.

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