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19.04.2024 14:23
salcode (

I was recently working with a #LLM, which led to me modifying this classic quote. 😀

#AI #PromptEngineering

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18.04.2024 09:42
bobchao ( #promptengineering 感恩 ihower 整理資料

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16.04.2024 19:29
remixtures (

#AI #GenerativeAI #LLMs #PromptEngineering #TechnicalWriting #SoftwareDocumentation #Productivity: "Many tech writers have a constant fear that AI will take our jobs. I often think, what I’m doing isn’t rocket science. Any person with some education can do it. And yet, just as engineers struggle to write, tech writers frequently struggle with AI tools. They don’t understand how to use them effectively. Even though “prompt engineering” is often a ridiculed term online, again and again I hear feedback from TWs about AI not being useful to them, or they simply don’t have interest in AI, as if it’s irrelevant to their work. This blows me away. When I can ramp up on a product in an hour and write a user guide in a couple of days, and code a doc publishing script that automates even more tasks, how can AI not be useful? How can it not be essential?

An often repeated saying is that AI tools won’t replace us, we’ll be replaced by those who know how to use AI tools. I feel like this is more and more true. Consider this scenario: You hire a roofer to install a new roof, which mainly involves removing the old shingles and installing new ones. One roofer arrives with a hammer. It will take this roofer 2 weeks to do the job. Another roofer arrives with a pneumatic roofing nailer power tool. It will take this roofer 3 days to do the job. The cost of the first roofer is 4 times that of the second. The output is pretty much the same. Which roofer do you hire?

It’s the same with tech writers. Suppose you have a large project. One tech writer can create the documentation using AI tools in a quarter of the time, while the other will take 75% longer. Which tech writer do you hire?

Fortunately, I think tech writers can learn how to use AI tools as power tools. Especially with more awareness and knowledge about effective prompting techniques, tech writers can become much more productive using AI."

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13.04.2024 17:48
MrBerard (

I saw a legit online article the other day on 'prompt engineering 'for humans interlocutors. Detailing basic conversation skills, but with a literally dehumanising spin.

[Pr Farnsworth: "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"


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12.04.2024 13:25
scripter (

How to talk to machines: 10 secrets of prompt engineering | InfoWorld #PromptEngineering #Prompt #AI

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11.04.2024 15:21
geeksta (

Prompt Engineer I Talk to Machines


A design for machine learning engineers and all people who work with AI tools to create content and refine models for text, image, sound and video generation. Great for work, science and AI events.

#AIDeveloper #AIEngineer #ArtificialIntelligence #ArtificialIntelligenceDeveloper #ArtificialIntelligenceEngineer #DataScience #DataScientist #MachineLearning #MachineLearningEngineer #PromptEngineer #PromptEngineering

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10.04.2024 17:58
persagen (

Great blog:
... interesting article:

Gemini 1.5 and Google’s Nature

#Gemini (Google DeepMind, successor to Google Bard | see also: GPT-4 (OpenAI)
#MLLM (multi-modal large language models)
#PromptEngineering #RAG (retrieval-augmented generation)

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10.04.2024 14:54
socreatory (

Hallo #JavaLand, wer war vorhin im Talk von @rdmueller und will mit Prompt Engineering jetzt Gas geben? Dann merke dir den brandneuen #Workshop von Ralf vor: Termin folgt in Kürze! #promptengineering #softwarearchitektur

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08.04.2024 17:21
kaveinthran (

HI, I've not taken both of this course, but I learnt alot from the course instructer Elvis on Twittter.
He produces alot of fre content online.
This deep prompt engineering course for developers look great.
You need to have basic python knowledge.
Here's the link for the course.
For those who wants to learn about LLMs but do not have python/programming experience, you can check out this one.
#ai #machineLearning #promptEngineering #mlai

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07.04.2024 05:57
flowchainsenseisocial (

Using gen AI as a writing helper is a great way to improve one's writing critique skills. When the AI writes something hinky we don't much like, we have multiple opportunities to figure out just why. #promptengineering

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05.04.2024 14:47
dsw (

Prompts should be designed, not engineered.

A wire prompt is engineered to complete a job—while a cloth prompt intuitively understands a user’s needs and is designed to provide a fluid and supportive experience for the user.
(Alex Klein)

#AI #PromptEngineering #ux #design #llm

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03.04.2024 11:09
splitbrain (

What is the magic phrase to use to prevent LLMs to use bullshit lingo like "leverage", "utilize", "harness" etc. when (re)writing texts?

#ai #llm #PromptEngineering

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