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25.07.2024 07:14
BafDyce (

#question for the #python & #programming bubble: Can you recommend a good (online) python course? A friend would like to deepen her python skills (in her studies she learnt just the basics).

I only know "Learn python the hard way" but I am not sure if there's something better out there?

Doesnt have to be free (shouldnt be super expensive either but you can mostly ignore the price for your recommendation). But nothing subscription based please.

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25.07.2024 07:01
draussensaiter (

Bin mir aufgrund der Entwicklung in #KI gerade etwas unsicher wo meine Reise als #Programmierer hingehen soll.
Lerne ich als nächstes #Python oder #Bogenschießen ?

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25.07.2024 06:30
videos (

Home Camp TV - Desktop application for CurrentCost

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25.07.2024 06:00
silentjuno (

@nixCraft I've started to learn Python a week ago... 😑


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25.07.2024 05:45
SnoopJ (

Finally accepting my fate that I need to learn how to use PyO3 to make this CPython-on-WASI wrapper into a #Rust extension module instead of calling it as a separate executable

I guess you could say I'm



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25.07.2024 05:14
videos (

I've Been Doing it The Wrong Way for TOO LONG!

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25.07.2024 04:09
jack (

"Replacement-Induced Development" (RID)

The phenomenon where the act of starting to replace a component in your stack scares the original component into working properly again.

Weirdly-specific example: Yet another frustrating bug has popped up with Celery, and in the process of finally replacing it with Huey, Celery suddenly decides to work like nothing was ever wrong. 😒😂

#Programming #DevStruggles #ReplacementInducedDevelopment #SoftwareDevelopment #Debugging #Python

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25.07.2024 04:00
Coo3 (


【エモい】名前わかんないけど"10秒ピッタリに止めるあのゲーム"がやりたい⏱ #Python - Qiita

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25.07.2024 03:42
wilfredo (

The use of #Python is growing at lightning speed

This #language is benefiting enormously from the #AI march, despite criticism about disappointing #performance

Meanwhile, #Julia — designed to be better equipped for handling large data volumes — can be a lot faster

Nevertheless, the latter language is barely growing 🤔 Why?

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25.07.2024 03:22
python_discussions (

Django 5.1 release candidate 1 released


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25.07.2024 03:04
villares (

If I had the time and energy to do the research and write a PEP, I would propose adding a --source or -a --activate option to venv so we could end this madness that is something that should be easy and universal, that is, activating a virtual environment. The module should just figure out the platform and know what to do. #Python #venv

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25.07.2024 02:09
linuxexpert (

Learn how to build and deploy a Hugging Face NLP model using Docker.

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