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20.04.2024 14:03
tr4nt0r (

Ab wieviel Monaten Python Erfahrung denkt ihr kann ich mich auf ein "3-5 Jahre Python Erfahrung" Job bewerben? Hab vor 4 Monaten angefangen mit Python.


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20.04.2024 13:59
tr4nt0r (

Habe schon 71% von dem Pytest Buch gelesen. Als ich losgefahren bin war ich bei unter 40% glaub ich.

Wenn ich wieder Zuhause bin, hab ich schon einiges an refactoring geplant 😂

#python #pytest

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20.04.2024 13:13
qiita (


#qiita #Python #C #GitHub #機械学習 #OSS

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20.04.2024 13:10
ramgarlic (

@josh hello! How lovely to find you here, Josh!

Thank you and Chirs for North Bay Python 2023. It was an unforgettable experience and one of the highlights for me was dinner with you and Chris!

This year I am attending #Python conferences in #Europe and #Brasil.

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20.04.2024 12:00
formamac (

Stream full Python 🐍

- 12H00 : Lunch code, la pause déj' programmable !
- 14H00 : Stream 3310

De la programmation manière simple et ludique sur 🍎

Le tout avec un peu de discussion 😊

@python @pythonhub @chevrierfranckjeannic @pythonbytes

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20.04.2024 11:58
jesper (

Stay on track and avoid GPS/GNSS interference 🛰️🚀

with the GPSJam interference map.

Access this visualization for monitoring and mapping GPS/GNSS signal strength and interference levels, and get real-time updates on potential sources of interference, including jamming and spoofing attacks.

Check it out here:
My newsletter subscribers learned about this 20 months ago!

👋 Moin, I'm Jesper!

I share non-hype AI like this every day to help you build better real-world ML applications!

𝗙𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝗺𝗲 to stay in the loop!

#DeepLearning #Ai #Visualization #Python #Career #LateToTheParty #Technology

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20.04.2024 11:21
jugmac00 (

I am preparing for my trip to #pyconde #pyconde2024 in #berlin where I will speak about "How to Improve the Python Development Experience for Millions of Ubuntu Users". I would love to start a discussion on how make #Ubuntu the best #Python development environment it can be!

Have you experienced papercuts or do you have ideas to improve the experience?

Join me in Berlin or via

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20.04.2024 11:20
aslankemalaslan (

Ne sinir şey!
İlk kurduğumda birkaç kütüphâne ekliydi.

Şu anda UNİNSTAL yazan 13 kütüphâne var!

Sanırım bunlar yüklenenler oluyor ve diğerleri de kendiliğinden yüklenecek.

Fakat PyGame'e daha sıra gelmediği anlaşılıyor ve el ile kurmaya çalıştığımda - eğer oluyorsa bile - başaramadım!

Pydroid 3 - IDE for Python 3 Uygulaması 'Sırasını bekle yüklüyoruz işte!' der gibi! ツ

#Python #PyDroid

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20.04.2024 11:09
kulebyaka (

Implement an external files sending and custom emojis support in my bot library :BlobhajReach:

It was very hard, but for now it easy to send files only with url and filename to any rooms :owi:

Try it here:

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20.04.2024 10:31
ikari (

#AI programming tutorial. Writing your own #GoogleAssistant in #Python.
Step 1:
print("I can't reach the internet right now. Check your modem or router connection and try again.")

Step 2:
Release it, sell "smart" speakers, profit.

Step 3:
Abandon the project. On to the next great startup idea!

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20.04.2024 10:30
meteorbot (

Stack of detected moving objects looking South from Dunsink Observatory @diasdunsink on 19 April 2024, before removing #airplanes #birds #satellites etc., and stack of detected #meteors. Dunsink Observatory @diasdunsink has a number of video cameras monitoring the night sky searching for meteors. This is from our #GlobalMeteorNetwork camera IE0001. #python #bot #Astronomy

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20.04.2024 10:28
aprilorg (

Nous aurons le plaisir d'accueillir vendredi 26 avril 2024 à partir de 19 h une rencontre de l'@AFPy (Association Francophone Python) à l'occasion du passage à Paris de Luciano Ramalho, l’auteur de Fluent Python 👉


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