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20.04.2024 15:02
BigJye7 (

"I WANT THE iPAD!" | Understanding Tantrums, Addiction, and the Brain on... via LED Studios #addiction #socialmedia #videogame #television

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20.04.2024 14:48
redork (

Consider how long it took society to realize the net negative that #SocialMedia is. How long before we saw the scam of the#gigeconomy for what it was? After a decade of breathless promises, people are no longer seriously waiting on #AutonomousVehicles and #Cryptocurrency is finally seen by the wider public as the toxic libertarian fraud it always was.

Consider all this and that #GenerativeAI has only been in the public consciousness for about a year and ALREADY non-tech-oriented outlets are lampooning it for the bald-faced nonsense that it is as well as the #techbros who shill it as the robber barons they are. I am not going to say that we have yet learned our lesson, but this is to me a very promising sign. #aiisascam #goodnews

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20.04.2024 14:26
medien (

»Das Ende der Hamburger Morgenpost: Metropole ohne Boulevard«

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20.04.2024 14:24
rickollie (

I portray the 'real person' I am as opposed to coming across as 'choregraphed.'

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20.04.2024 14:02
berro1956 (

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20.04.2024 13:33
bldweb (

Après les images, les liens et les GIFs, "Notes", l'équivalent de X ou encore Threads de Substack permet enfin d'uploader des vidéos !


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20.04.2024 13:10
2024 (
Daily writing prompt How do you use social media? View all responses

It’s not often that I respond to writing prompts. “How do you use social media?” popped up, and using the reader I started looking through the responses.

That’s the key thing for me when it comes to social media – looking for things of worth, people with good ideas to discuss, etc. It’s about finding pieces of a puzzle that doesn’t have a picture on the box to refer to.

Scrolling through the responses, there are the few that mention making money, like the old advertisements in the back of 80s magazines with the get rich schemes. The way to make money off social media is telling people how to make money off social media. The way to make money off a product or service is to have a good product or service and not shoot one’s self in the foot when marketing it.

I don’t use social media to make money. I don’t use social media to be popular. What I do use social media to do is explore other perspectives, but in an age where everyone and their mother is training artificial intelligence, I am leery of social media sites. Even has been compromised in that regard, though you can take action and not be a part of it.

Unknowingly, many people are painting the fence of generative AI, giving the large companies building and training generative artificial intelligences the very paint and brushes that they need to sell back to them. It confounds me how many people on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are going out of their way to train artificial intelligences.

This is why I have gone to Mastodon. The Fediverse offers me some protection in privacy. I post links to social media accounts to stuff I write, but I only really interact on the Fediverse, where I feel more secure and am less likely to paint generative AI’s fences.

#dailyprompt #dailyprompt1914 #socialMedia #socialmedia #society #technology #writing

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20.04.2024 13:02
katthernandez (

Did you send me an email, sms, message or other digital communication in the last two weeks? If I didn't answer, its because I'm fucking overwhelmed by my digital communications apparatus and am about three weeks behind. I still have your message and will answer when I am caught up. Cheers!

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20.04.2024 12:28
FreddieJ (

Opt out of Google's AI, which is based on search, you disappear from the internet. This follows the choking of traffic from social media. #journalism #democracy #newstodon #socialmedia

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20.04.2024 11:40
snoopy10 (

Der Einfluss dieses wahnsinnigen und kriminellen auf die Menschen ist erschütternd und beängstigend.

Kriminelle Agitatoren und Verfassungsfeinde in der werden ziemlich bald zu ähnlichem Verhalten von Sympathisanten führen 🇩🇪💙

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20.04.2024 11:17
theguardian_us_lifestyle (

‘Kardashian children are sharing skincare routines’: experts on gen Z’s ageing fixation #Cosmeticsurgery #Lifeandstyle #Youngpeople #Socialmedia #Skincare #Society #Fashion #Beauty #Women

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20.04.2024 11:04
tsakabear (

If a con man and his fellows embarrassed your religion with ignorance by hiding behind your religion, you should not blame others to defend themselves with knowledge, unless stone age is the new future we are talking about, well it supposes to be a matter of common sense.

#SocialMedia #NewEra

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