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21.05.2024 17:20
mazdak (

#Stripe will increase Instant Payouts' fees by 50% in the US from June 1, 2024 #technology #payment

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14.05.2024 17:00
thomasbnt (

Collecting Payments with #Stripe while using @astrodotbuild. - By @zellwk.

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11.05.2024 12:53
qiita (

[ワークショップ資料] Amazon Bedrock ナレッジベースで商品レコメンド機能を作るため、Amazon AppFlowでStripeの商品データをノーコードで取り込む

#qiita #stripe #rag #bedrock #AppFlow

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10.05.2024 13:56
srecnig (

we’ve reached the time when wildly spamming 4242 in a #stripe creditcard field no longer yields a valid expiry date (4/24 is now in the past).
total productivity breaker 😬

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08.05.2024 12:48
dev_classmethod (


#dev_classmethod #Stripe

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26.04.2024 09:04
thetransmitted (

Фінтех-гігант Stripe оголосив про повернення до криптовалютної комерції, додавши підтримку транзакцій у стейблкоїні USD Coin (USDC) вже цього літа.

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25.04.2024 21:14
crypto (

»After 6-year hiatus, #Stripe to start taking #cryptopayments, starting with #USDC #crypto #blockchain

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24.04.2024 20:24
xavdid (

Headed up to SF for 's conference! Excited to talk with users and hear about their loves and woes.

Haven't done this sort of thing in a while, so the conference novelty is back 😁

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23.04.2024 00:18
InfoMgmtExec (

are very dubious as Champions. They behave more like . No doubt this is driven by their core market (payments) crumbling around them. ‘Desperation drives ’. . @gwagner

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18.04.2024 18:32
neo (

Trying to reimplement handling of payment disputes with both #Adyen and #Stripe. I know both are doing basically the same, and the documentation if fine (kinda), but the subtle differences make my head hurt. 🫠

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11.04.2024 16:52
bencurthoys (

I do not recall getting any notification from in advance of this breaking change to their API. So that was my morning ruined.

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11.04.2024 16:06
stevenharman (

Today I learned about #Stripe’s auto-cancellation policy for test data, and this gem is just 🧑‍🍳💋

> We recommend marking a test mode subscription as exempt from the data retention policy when you do want time to pass naturally (i.e.: according to the laws of physics).

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