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24.07.2024 10:34
display (
Interessant.. #Bluesky macht nun in #Threads, was eine vollständige Abkehr vom bisherigen Twitter Style bedeutet.

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24.07.2024 05:49
mike (

Really enjoying #Threads recently - if you're on there too, you can find me at or

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24.07.2024 01:22
notes (

I know I shouldnt want to but is it still possible to follow threads users on activity pub? I'm trying to look some people up but nothing is coming up. (Self hosted instance, I haven't blocked it)

#fedi #fedimeta #threads

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23.07.2024 21:29
GeekOrganic (

Od kilku dni sobie sprawdzam jak działa (jejku, treści, które podsuwa tam algorytm to dokładnie to, co można sobie wyobrazić myśląc „tekstowa wersja instagrama”) i właśnie zauważyłem, że mam już dostępną opcję „udostępnianie w

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23.07.2024 20:40
FediPact (

⚠️ ⚠️

#FediPact #meta #threads

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23.07.2024 19:38
FinchHaven (


If this sort of #Threads dreck is going to begin to appear in my Home feed it's time to restore my Threads #DomainBlock

cc @pcottle

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23.07.2024 19:29
unoacademy (

Come si cerca un utente #Threads (che ha abilitato l'opzione per federarsi), per seguirlo su #MastodonUno?

Esattamente come si cerca e si segue qualunque altro utente del #Fediverso. 😁

È possibile farlo solo se l'istanza a cui si è iscritti ha scelto di non bloccare Threads.

Su FediDB potete consultare l'elenco degli account più popolari del Fediverso:

Ovviamente Threads sta prendendo il sopravvento, ma significa anche che il Fediverso si sta popolando. 😉

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23.07.2024 18:30
AndiMann (

My peeps! Now #Threads has opened up an API and posts to the wider #Fediverse, I am now able to post to it more easily, and so I plan to up my contributions there.

Please come and follow me at (

And remember to like & share too!

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23.07.2024 18:16
sarenenlinea (

Somos “sarenenlinea” en la red social


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23.07.2024 17:02
jay (

I'm guessing this is likely related to #Threads partial support for federated content so far, but is there any possibility that Quote Posts will render the content of the quoted material in the future on @ivory?

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23.07.2024 16:56
jenzi (

Shame the web interface isn't as advanced as the advanced Mastodon interface. I would like to create a brand account and manage it from my browser.

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23.07.2024 12:02
alex193a (

is working on Political content setting 👀

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