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18.04.2024 20:08
notes (@notes@transfem.social)

This, right here, is why I do what I do. We [trans people] will never be safe on corporate social media. Even a platform that advertises itself as "the queerest place on the internet" will happily nuke our accounts with no warning or chance to appeal.

And so I push through the stress and burnout to continue one of the hardest things I've ever done. Running this instance is a daily struggle, but it's
worth it. We've suffered enough under hostile moderation and apathetic corporations, so now it's time to ensure our own protection.

Transfem.social is and always will be a safe space for marginalized people. That's my promise, and that's the goal that keeps me pressing forward.

-- Ember, admin of transfem.social

#Trans #TransGender #TransFem #Queer #Tumblr #TumblrMeta


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06.04.2024 23:12
MindTGap (@MindTGap@universeodon.com)

possibly related!!!
#Caturday #Thief #Tumblr #Mp4 #foxeverything

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03.04.2024 12:50
notes (@notes@goblin.band)

Sure, some hellsites have the boops, but can you add animated cat ears to your avatar?

Checkmate, tumblr!

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02.04.2024 03:34
Rozzychan (@Rozzychan@fandom.ink)

If you are on #tumblr, enable booping so I can boop you for April Fools Day.


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24.03.2024 13:58
tchambers (@tchambers@indieweb.social)

Am officially now following all things #goblin - both from my #tumblr account and here on the fedi via @goblin - and am very excited to watch this evolve….

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24.03.2024 00:11
notes (@notes@goblin.band)


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22.03.2024 15:48
darnell (@darnell@one.darnell.one)

@tchambers @nunesdennis @darnell@threads.net (goblin.band) is a project by @javi whose goal is to take the awesomeness of & mix it with the .

Javi has posted more info about Goblin on his blog: tumblr.com/jv

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21.03.2024 19:37
vantablack (@vantablack@cyberpunk.lol)


if you'd asked me about making a tumblr-specific thing similar to the anti-meta fedi pact BEFORE the car hammer incident

i'd say i personally agree with it but that finding support across the wider fediverse might be a good deal harder than a pact against meta

because even though tumblr allows some of the same horrible shit, the vibes of the site are very different and lotsa peeps have good memories of it

but now... i could totally see myself doing FediPact 2 if tumblr ever announced they were gonna federate. public perception has shifted enough that it'd be doable

#FediPact #tumblr

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16.03.2024 19:57
ErosBlog (@ErosBlog@kinkyelephant.com)

My feed's been full of pornocalypse lately, so I went back to look at Matt Mullenweg's "Why "Go Nuts, Show Nuts" Doesn’t Work in 2022" that he wrote to explain why the ballyhooed Tumblr porn "unbanning" was a search-invisibility nothingburger.

Well, guess what you see if you follow that link now? "You'll need to be on Tumblr to see this...."

Fuck that. It needs to be on the open web for research and commentary:


#Tumblr #Pornocalypse #Porn #PornBan #MattMullenweg

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13.03.2024 20:13
I_LOVE_Shepherd (@I_LOVE_Shepherd@mastodon.social)

Go follow me on tumblr because why not

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05.03.2024 04:40
jesuisatire (@jesuisatire@social.tchncs.de)

#meta, #threads, #tumblr, #facebook, #google, #apple and all the rest ..

just stay t** f**** out of our business.

in other words:
(plain and simple)

__We don't want you!__


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03.03.2024 02:56
darnell (@darnell@one.darnell.one)

I just opted out of having my & blogs being pimped out to companies by .

I understand the need to be profitable, but I already pay for Tumblr (no ads, premium themes) & WordPress (Creator plan).

On a side note, once allows imports from WordPress, @matt & the @writefreely team may find themselves with tens of thousands of new users on day one: write.as/updates/happy-new-yea

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