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19.07.2024 20:14
krinkle (@krinkle@fosstodon.org)


Wow, I didn't know Tumblr pulled up an unclosable shit wall even worse than Instagram/Twitter/Reddit. That's gotta be recent. Less than six months? I'm genuinely shocked Automattic would do this.

I was allowed to scroll for about 5 seconds before it turned up.

#tumblr #Enshittification

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14.07.2024 17:30
starrytimepod (@starrytimepod@universeodon.com)

Our silliest and most chaotic #podast #episode of the week is out!

This one is about appearances of "borealis" in #PopCulture (broadly defined)!

Check out the pod here: starrytimepodcast.podbean.com/

And the Visual Companion (which has some BONUS content): tumblr.com/starrytimepod/75599

#CoronaBorealis #Borealis #Tumblr #Silly #Chaotic #Fun #Light

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11.07.2024 14:56
stefan (@stefan@gardenstate.social)

Happy 10 year anniversary to #DashCon. 1 extra hour in the ball pit for everyone.

#memeCalendar #meme #tumblr

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02.07.2024 09:04
yeri (@yeri@m.superuser.one)

Finally exported my super old #Tumblr blog used by FlatTurtle.com and imported it into #Hugo. Required quite some manual editing, and a lot of the older posts don't have a title (just an ID), but it'll do for now. Should probably go through a lot of the content to see if it's still appropriate. The world changed significantly in ~15 years, and the stuff you (or ex-colleagues) posted may not really be very professional nowadays.


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21.06.2024 23:55
notes (@notes@goblin.band)

Tumblr seems to insisting in making every post I wrote defending the platform outdated. Today they are you obliterating that post I wrote two or three years ago trying to tell everyone that no, tumblr didn't sell your data to advertisers, and the best proof you could have of that was how absolutely untargeted (sometimes, hilariously) tumblr ads were.

Well, I just got an in-platform ad for this:

This raised my alarms immediately.

Blaze, the tool to promote tumblr posts, exists since two years ago, and the fact that they are launching a version of it targeting professionals was a big red flag: The one and only thing that adtech professionals want on a platform is targeting. And the only way to get targeted ads is to sell user info to those advertisers. The original blaze only let's you to target your ads at country level, which is pretty much useless to adtech pros. So yes, the 'civil' version of blase would share your country with advertisers, but it was the only private info tumblr would sell about you. Which, you know, given the state of the internet, was a fairly good behaviour.

So I went in and I did a quick check (signing up as a potential advertiser) because I was curious, and fearful, about why this was supposed to be "pro".

And ... bam, here it is:

But this pro version let's you target users based on their interests. And their age. Tumblr has your age because you need to fill it just to know if you can use the platform or not (And if not remember wrong, maybe disable some stuff if you are over 14 but under 18). But now they are selling this info. And they are selling your browsing (and posting) habits. And, pontentially, more targeting data, but only to advertisers big enough to deal with the sales team directly.

Fucking hell.

Tumblr CEO (and my ex-boss, full disclaimer) said this on a
interview barely 18 months ago:

I wanted to see if we could create a mainstream social media that wasn’t reliant on surveillance capitalism or advertising as its primary business model.

So well, I guess Matt has just answered himself that he can't, and decided to just go to the proven method of making social media a user-surveillance nightmare.

Because you know, principles are great, but money seems to be much better for him.

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16.06.2024 15:35
starrytimepod (@starrytimepod@universeodon.com)

🚨 New #podcast is live!

This week we talked all things Perseus in #PopCulture (broadly defined).

You find out our favs/least favs and what we wished for here:starrytimepodcast.podbean.com/

And if you want some links & visuals as you listen: tumblr.com/starrytimepod/75344

#Mythology #Perseus #Constellations #StarLore #Myths #GreekMythology #Tumblr #podcast

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13.06.2024 12:21
fediverse (@fediverse@app.wafrn.net)

so like y'all got any connections? asking for a friend.

#Tumblr #transgender #transphobia #free-Palestine

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09.06.2024 23:04
jessienab (@jessienab@wetdry.world)

@gabboman HELP! #tumblr #tumblrmigration #wafrn

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09.06.2024 07:34
notes (@notes@goblin.band)

okay uhh so I was looking at @ echo's blog on tumblr and xer bio seems to have been updated to 'former staff' - I might be remembering it wrong but I think xhe mentioned either being part of the letter from queer staff or knowing the people behind it. is matt targeting everyone involved in that now??

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08.06.2024 16:28
notes (@notes@goblin.band)

The automattic alumni slack server is experiencing a spike of new people joining these days.

The rumour mill says that the CEO, Matt Mullenweg, has set a hard goal of the headcount reduction this year and since he came back from sabbatical last month, things are getting ugly inside the company.

But you know, it's not another round of layoffs, it's just "performance management" (with an associated goal of how many people must be underperforming that must be reached, because MM is the kwisatz haderach of Wordpress and he can see the future and one know how many people will fail performance checks).

Once again, big hug for my friends still inside.

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05.06.2024 16:52
fediverse (@fediverse@app.wafrn.net)

hello tumblrerers, welcome to the waffles

#welcome #tumblr #you-are-no-free-to-post #no-angry-Matt-Mullenweg

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27.05.2024 00:51
Rozzychan (@Rozzychan@fandom.ink)

Just thinking of how many more #podfic (recorded fan fic) there are this year than a decade ago. I have to give props to #voiceteam for recording so many new ones in the last few years.

They started on #tumblr, I think, and now mostly communicate on their discord. They compete on making podfic. There weren't that many multivoice podfic back in the day, but now there are lots more.

Here is a recent (filk) from one of the teams about working on voiceteam. Kudoes all!


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