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24.07.2024 09:15
niko (@niko@furry.engineer)

anyone know if there's a way to force Tusky to reregister notifications (through ntfy/UnifiedPush)


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23.07.2024 19:13
digitalfox (@digitalfox@yip.vulpine.engineer)

Heads up - #Tusky 26 unintentionally sets all new replies to at most Unlisted/Quiet Public (or more private) by default.

This will be fixed in an upcoming release*, but if you've already upgraded and don't want this, check Account Preferences -> "Default reply privacy", setting it to Public. Replies to other unlisted/followers-only/DM posts will still automatically switch to the more private level.

* github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/pull

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23.07.2024 16:07
flauschpolizei (@flauschpolizei@strangeobject.space)

Got a new version of the #Tusky bug from a few weeks ago. This time the mentions of this account have been replaced by old ones from my closed one. :blobcatglare:

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23.07.2024 09:51
wmd (@wmd@chaos.social)

Fedi clients

I still can't see the fedi audience when replying in tusky. But it does something interesting; it defaults to unlisted when public/unlisted and to followers only when it was followers only. Not a bad default, even if it does ignore my default. I do prefer to ve informed though.


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22.07.2024 09:16
nick (@nick@norden.social)


#Tusky and #Pachli are similar.

#Fedilab offers a lot of functions.

Based on #MfA you will find #Megalodon and #Moshidon.

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21.07.2024 09:55
reylan97 (@reylan97@comunidad.nvda.es)

No sé si es la conexión mía pero últimamente noto lento a cargar la aplicación #tusky

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20.07.2024 21:21
nick (@nick@norden.social)


#Tusky in Version 26.0?

Hast Du schon einmal einen Blick auf #Pachli geworfen? Startete auf Basis von Tusky 23.

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20.07.2024 20:20
fasnix (@fasnix@dresden.network)

Da schrieb ich gerade einen längeren Tröt mit #Tusky, stürzt die App wieder mal ab und hat den Text natürlich nicht als Entwurf gespeichert Ò_Ó

Welche App nutzt ihr unter #Android, die ich in #Aptoide und #FDroid finden kann?

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20.07.2024 13:05
ton (@ton@social.coop)

Tusky replies default to unlisted is a mess. I didn't realize this new thing was in effect for a while and wondered why my thread seemed to die.


#tusky #replies #ux #ui #terrible

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20.07.2024 09:53
nick (@nick@norden.social)


Yes, i think so.

Btw.: #Tusky 26.0 should be the current version right now.


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20.07.2024 09:26
lm (@lm@mstdn.fr)

@Tusky Hi, I never have a numberof unread notification next to the bell icon on main page (like it is on the web version), is it the normal behavior for #tusky ?

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19.07.2024 17:27
nick (@nick@norden.social)


Yes, #Pachli started on base of #Tusky 23.

Direct Messages are posts with a visibility setting "mentioned only".

Using #Pachli: In the editor select the world symbol to set another visibility: You have public, unlisted (similar to public), followers only, direct / mentioned only.

Using "mentioned only" setting, the post is just visible for the people mentioned in the post using the @ symbol (and of course administrators of instances).


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