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18.04.2024 21:17
dlareg (@dlareg@mastodon.xyz)

Il en bien #tusky, simple, efficace mais je cherche encore où il me stock mon message en brouillon. Une idée #masto ?

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18.04.2024 00:44
stu (@stu@allthingstech.social)

Who thinks #Tusky needs a big facelift?

Hell Yeah
Or Nah
comment below

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17.04.2024 20:53
ConnyDuck (@ConnyDuck@chaos.social)

Please reply, I need new #Tusky screenshots for the appstores :3

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17.04.2024 15:56
GelatDeTramussos (@GelatDeTramussos@mastodont.cat)

@jordiCasas Jo, de moment, a Android segueixo amb #Tusky 😉

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17.04.2024 12:41
norado (@norado@mastodon.gamedev.place)

fellow #tusky users
Is there a way to only show the replies to the currently viewed post and not all replies for the whole thread?
i know that there's a way to tell which replies are direct ones to the post you're viewing but the current behaviour is still way too noisy and unintuitive imo

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15.04.2024 21:01
mausmalone (@mausmalone@mastodon.social)

I generally like as a way to experience Mastodon but the web developer in me is always irked that the Tusky devs don't seem to know the difference between a caption and ALT text, they don't care, or they're intentionally conflating the two.

Also, no Discover feed is a little sucky.

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15.04.2024 12:37
notes (@notes@transgirl.cafe)

Does #Tusky not play nice with #Sharkey? I can't log in on it.

I like Tusky more than Moshidon, and I have Fedilab on another device. I like using different apps different places. So I'd like to get here on Tusky rather than a PWA.

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13.04.2024 19:10
grum999 (@grum999@social.maou-maou.fr)

So, I'm happy with my new #gotosocial instance, I have nice emoji like this one :grum_rsquare: and this one :maou_rsquare:

Also I can write kilometric text, even if I didn't pushed the settings to the limits and I'll probably even never reach the limit I've set.

I don't have a big activity and not so much followers, so the server run fine, but I had to restart service; after moving my account to my instance, the service reached ~980MB memory usage on server.
Not sure if it's normal or not; after restart it just use ~20MB and then grow around ~125MB
I'll keep an eye about this.

Another thing, for whom mute & filter functionalities are important, it doesn't work.
Mute a user, filter on keyword, filter on hashtags, it's not yet implemented, or not working. I don't know exactly.
Looking at features&bugs I understood that filtering should work, but on my side it not working :ageblobcat:

It could may be related to my client (but with #tusky and #phanpy the results are the same) or a misconfiguration on my server, I need to check (re-read doc, re-check bugs&features, ...)

Now, as I'm running on my own server, the yearly donation I usually made to mastodon host will be for @gotosocial project :ablobcatreach:
It's not a big amount, but better than nothing (also I already support other projects & artists, so I can't do much more)

I'm just unsure about platform to use: #liberapay or #opencollective?
Is there a difference for project to give from a platform or another one?
(I ideally avoid to use credit card and prefer Paypal to make for donations)

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13.04.2024 16:56
peterdrake (@peterdrake@qoto.org)

My last six notifications have showed up on Tusky but not the web interface. Is this an issue with #tusky or #qoto?

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13.04.2024 15:18
keverets (@keverets@social.librem.one)

@dajb hrm. Maybe lists don't work the way I think they do in #tusky

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13.04.2024 07:44
BafDyce (@BafDyce@chaos.social)

@richlv Tbh, I am not sure. Maybe it also depends on the client used to send messages? Or maybe my client (Tusky) doesnt understand a specific reply-format?

Usually, replies should have a username tag in the message, I think, which I cannot see. So maybe this automatically makes it a detached post?

Maybe @ConnyDuck , one of the #tusky devs, has more insights into this behaviour?

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13.04.2024 06:49
salocinlaiv (@salocinlaiv@mastodon.zaclys.com)

@rolarizpe @FediTips actually, I changed from #tusky to #pachli , and found some interesting improvements.

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