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25.07.2024 06:43
vij (

Elmo bought #Twitter to give himself a slur pass

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25.07.2024 06:29
videos (

A Wordle Device - ESP32-C3FH4-RGB

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25.07.2024 05:57
mattsheffield (

Please do NOT spread unverified claims about a supposed API leak. This is just a screenshot that was posted in Discord and the "Anti-Fascist Turtle" account who was the initial Twitter source for it did not have anything beyond a blurry screengrab.

I have been trying to get further information on this supposed hack and none is forthcoming.

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25.07.2024 05:34
TAO1215 (



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25.07.2024 05:12
somecanadianguy (

Why going online is no longer fun

#Internet #Online #technology #Twitter #facebook #surveillance #meta #web #instagram #Doomscrolling #spam #socialmedia

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25.07.2024 05:06
videos (

Lanyrd Quick Tour

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25.07.2024 04:57
toallpointswest (

To the surprise of no one, Elon's Twitter plays favorites.. to right wing extremists of course

#twitter #twitterexodus #elonmusk

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25.07.2024 04:43
theseeduneed (

What Xitter doing? 👀

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25.07.2024 03:16
benroyce (



You *really* need to get off

You wouldn't go into a bar, and as the night goes on, notice more and outright arm band wearing pencil moustache sporting goose stepping nazis, and go "this is fine"

Yeah, it's not fine

Get the fuck off twitter

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25.07.2024 02:55
paulatkinsonpdx (

So #Twitter is exactly what you think

New Twitter API leak reveals that there's a group of "protected users" that are allowed to break the Terms of Service without consequence. Even
including a list of whitelisted slurs. Also worth mentioning that all of the listed
accounts are right-wing in their contents.

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25.07.2024 02:43
ParanoidFactoid (

There was an API leak at the today, whereby some right wing accounts are protected from Terms if Service violations by being whitelisted from using various racial slurs.

The account that revealed this API has been suspended and other accounts passing screenshots on are facing sanction.

This deserves an off-site archive.

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25.07.2024 02:16
orbitalmayo (

Internal Twitter leak. Slurs.

A supposed internal API leak from Twitter shows a bunch of right-wing influencers that have been granted immunity from ToS violations, including a bunch of whitelisted slurs.

One of the larger posts highlighting this that has been allowed to remain visible has been slapped with the vague "Stay Informed" label.

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