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20.04.2024 10:49
cybersmog (@cybersmog@phpc.social)

Second day of the TYPO3camp Switzerland🇨🇭
#typo3 #t3cch

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20.04.2024 00:46
s2b (@s2b@norden.social)

The first day at TYPO3 Camp Schweiz was a lot of fun. It was the perfect combination of insightful barcamp sessions, a delicious social event menu (see pic) and interesting conversations with fellow TYPO3 people. Looking forward to the second day! 👍🏼 #typo3 #t3cch

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19.04.2024 20:32
pluswerk (@pluswerk@techhub.social)

Grüezi and Salue ⛰️🇨🇭It was a great first day at TYPO3camp Switzerland near Zurich today. Outside it was still cold and snowy, inside it was warm and cosy. Today we talked about the product strategy and the future of TYPO3, about AI, Content Blocks, Headless CMS and many other topics. We had great conversations with many interesting people. We'll continue tomorrow, see you then. 👋🏼

#t3cch #typo3 #barcamp #schweiz #switzerland #cms #contentmanagement #opensource

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19.04.2024 15:56
typo3 (@typo3@typo3.social)

Grüezi from #t3cch24 🇨🇭🚀

We started the event with interesting talks and insights into the #TYPO3 world.

Thanks for having us 🧡

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19.04.2024 15:27
pluswerk (@pluswerk@techhub.social)

🌟 +Pluswerk CEO Jens Krumm took an active part in the TYPO3 Association's General Assembly this Thursday, where important decisions were made for the future of the popular CMS. In beautiful Zurich, under the supervision of the Business Control Committee, the Association's Board of Directors was discharged and several new committee members were elected. 🗳️ The TYPO3 Association has made impressive progress over the past year. With clear strategies, new memberships and an increased presence at events, it is laying the foundations for future innovations and projects. We are proud to be part of this dynamic community that is committed to open and sustainable digital solutions. 🚀

More about +Pluswerk and TYPO3 ➡️ bit.ly/3QajeDb

#TYPO3 #ContentManagement #CMS #Websites #DigitalInnovation #OpenSource #Pluswerk

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19.04.2024 13:48
cybersmog (@cybersmog@phpc.social)

TYPO3camp Switzerland is in full swing!
Session planning is done and we started with a presentation of all the #TYPO3 community teams where everybody is invited to contribute. #t3cch

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19.04.2024 10:00
wowa_TYPO3 (@wowa_TYPO3@techhub.social)

🚀 Ich habe gerade die Aufzeichnung meines vorletzten TYPO3-Streams hochgeladen! Wir haben uns die neuesten Funktionen von Version 13 angeschaut. 🛠️ Entdecke neue Tools, Features und mehr! Schau’s dir jetzt an und lass uns im Kommentarbereich diskutieren! ➡️ youtu.be/WQojXs6AeTU

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18.04.2024 23:02
pnie (@pnie@hostsharing.coop)

Well, quite easy, there is a


available on the connection. quite happy #TYPO3 had a proper and easy solution at hand 😆

Updated my gist for an efficient sql-query of TYPO3 PageTree


any comments welcome

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18.04.2024 19:25
wowa_TYPO3 (@wowa_TYPO3@techhub.social)

Und.... ich bin JETZT LIVE auf Twitch. 📺
Schaut rein für ne Extraportion TYPO3 am Abend 🚀

#typo3 #typo3donnerstag #twitch

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18.04.2024 16:51
t3extensions (@t3extensions@botsin.space)

A new #TYPO3 extension has been published: ns_pwa version 1.0.0, compatible with TYPO3 v11.0.x to v12.5.x

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18.04.2024 14:11
ErHaWeb (@ErHaWeb@phpc.social)

#Question for #TYPO3 developers: Is it allowed to add `/** @var string $_EXTKEY */` in the `ext_emconf.php` file to suppress "Undefined variable" inspection errors in PhpStorm? Any undesirable negative effects (especially with regard to #TER)?

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18.04.2024 14:11
cybersmog (@cybersmog@phpc.social)

And while we're at it: now is the right time to become a member of the #TYPO3 Association! Financial possibilities should not play a role, the community membership with € 7.92/ year should be affordable for everyone!


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