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25.07.2024 07:26
webkaam (@webkaam@mastodon.social)

Excited to showcase our latest project!
Check out the sleek and custom-designed ecommerce website we built for our amazing client @zafyleather
📞 Call: +91-8286607542
🗨️ Whatsapp: +91-8652321298

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25.07.2024 07:21
webkaam (@webkaam@mastodon.social)

Leave it to Webkaam, And get some Aaraam !!!
📞 Call: +91-8286607542
🗨️ Whatsapp: +91-8652321298
🌐 Website:webkaam.com/service/website-de

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25.07.2024 03:14
eibhlinniccolla (@eibhlinniccolla@tech.lgbt)

Does anyone have any good resources for learning how to create your own brand? I'd like for my online presence to have a more unified aesthetic and presentation. Bonus points if it's directed specifically at software engineers.

#branding #webdev #software #webdesign

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25.07.2024 02:52
strongest (@strongest@mastodon.social)

Decided I should start versioning updates to my personal site, so here's v126:

- minor accessibility improvements
- font loading performance enhancements
- library content additions


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24.07.2024 23:56
nahian (@nahian@mastodon.social)

Unlock Your Potential with ABM College's Online Web Design and Development Diploma for Saskatchewan Students!

🚀 Ready to level up your skills? ABM College Calgary Campus offers an online Web Design and Development Diploma tailored for students in Saskatchewan! 🎓💻 Dive into coding, design, and more, all from the comfort of your home. Start building your future today!

Find out more at abmcollege.com/courses/web-des

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24.07.2024 23:24
juanfernandes (@juanfernandes@indieweb.social)

Just read: Quick Tip: How to Animate Text Gradients and Patterns in CSS — SitePoint - sitepoint.com/css-animate-text

#WebDesign #WebDev #JuanLinks

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24.07.2024 23:05
inautilo (@inautilo@mastodon.social)

Why you should never hide your email unsubscribe link · Avoid deliverability risks by making opting out easy ilo.im/15zkvp


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24.07.2024 19:43
rolandixormediainc (@rolandixormediainc@mastodon.social)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Showcase Series, where we give insights into our latest projects. A major part of our work is the modern, responsive website we designed.

This site ties together:

• Responsive Web Design
• Brand Design
• Product Photography
• Marketing
• Web Hosting
• Website Maintenance & Support
• Content & Copywriting
• And more

Visit rolandixor.pro/services to start your journey!

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24.07.2024 19:37
brentpruitt (@brentpruitt@mastodon.art)

spelling creative with a K

& using generic² stock art through out your site…

not quite selling it for me

#WebDesign #WebDev

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24.07.2024 18:52
jik (@jik@federate.social)

What repeatedly amazes me about all the free credit monitoring accounts I get from security breaches is that every single one of these services is SO F'ING BAD.
TicketMaster is giving out accounts on a service called "MyTrueIdentity". Here's what I've noticed in just the first few minutes which proves that the people who built this site are idiots:
#security #privacy #WebDesign #UX #CreditMonitoring #breach

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24.07.2024 18:35
olav (@olav@emacs.ch)

How can I get good at web design? #design #webdesign

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24.07.2024 17:07
chris22smith (@chris22smith@mastodon.social)

I went on the www.gov.uk site yesterday, for a boring car tax thing. The CSS failed to load but everything was still clear and usable. I didn't even feel the need to refresh. That's great design in my book.

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