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25.07.2024 07:59
inautilo (@inautilo@mastodon.social)

The backlash against AI scraping is measurable · Website restrictions on AI bots have gone through the roof ilo.im/15zl0i


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25.07.2024 06:42
ferrata (@ferrata@hachyderm.io)

hey #webdev peeps! #poll for you

how familiar are you with the `window.postMessage()` API?

familiar, software I am working on is using it
familiar, used it at some point
I know how it works, in theory 😅
what? 😳

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25.07.2024 04:10
crft (@crft@mastodon.social)

Bamboozled myself not realizing is when looking for / options that aren't JavaScript.

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25.07.2024 03:23
webdev_discussions (@webdev_discussions@mastodon.social)

Practical Guide To Not Blocking The Event Loop


Discussions: discu.eu/q/https://www.bbss.de

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25.07.2024 03:23
ruby_discussions (@ruby_discussions@mastodon.social)

How to build an image gallery in Rails with Stimulus


Discussions: discu.eu/q/https://learnetto.c

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25.07.2024 02:15
randomMDN (@randomMDN@botsin.space)

🦖 inset-block-start 🦖


The inset-block-start CSS property defines the logical block start offset of an element, which maps to a physical inset depending on the element's writing mode, directionality, and text orientation. It corresponds to the top, right, bottom, or left property depending on the values defined for writing-mode, direction, and text-orientation.

#webdev #CSS

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25.07.2024 01:31
tixie (@tixie@mastodon.guerilla.studio)

Engineering for Slow Internet (written by someone who was living in Antarctic)

#WebPerf #WebDev #Resources

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25.07.2024 00:04
undefined256 (@undefined256@mastodon.online)

😵‍💫 Flutter team considering to remove the HTML renderer #WebDev


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24.07.2024 23:35
juanfernandes (@juanfernandes@indieweb.social)

Just read: Communication Practices for Increasing UX Maturity - nngroup.com/articles/communica

#WebDesign #WebDev #JuanLinks

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24.07.2024 22:58
42loops (@42loops@mastodon.social)

Had some fun with Claude today: blink.monster

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24.07.2024 22:44
kagan (@kagan@wandering.shop)

So, trying to brush up on my #NextJS knowledge by checking out the tutorial, and it looks like the problem I'm having is one that first happened to a bunch of folks back in 2020, when apparently they didn't properly re-version things in package.json when they upgraded something?


Anyway, they apparently fixed it, but now they're having the exact same problem, 4 years later. You'd think they'd have learned from before, right?

Seriously annoying.

#webdev #Vercel #argh

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24.07.2024 22:17
wiredprairie (@wiredprairie@mastodon.social)

I'd already used the name wrap for a component, so I went ahead with burrito for the second component.

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