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20.04.2024 15:20
webdev_discussions (@webdev_discussions@mastodon.social)

Effect 3.0


Discussions: discu.eu/q/https://effect.webs

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20.04.2024 15:18
urlyman (@urlyman@mastodon.social)

Sometimes, it’s darkly fascinating to watch web pages load in a manner that is blatant:

when the ads come in *before* the content.

How fucked it is that a team intentionally engineered a page to stream a few hundred KB of JavaScript laden images *before* the page’s 20 KB of text 😔

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20.04.2024 15:05
inautilo (@inautilo@mastodon.social)

Announcing Mini Web Machines · A video series featuring code bits that power great UX ilo.im/15ymmg


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20.04.2024 14:21
kaiserkiwi (@kaiserkiwi@corteximplant.com)

I'm glad I marked some tasks as "low hanging fruit" while I had no time or energy to work on Questlog.

This way I was able to complete 5 small tasks, while my child slept, that were in my head for a long time, as I didn't need to search for issues but had a list I just could work through.

#WebDev #Coding

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20.04.2024 14:04
randomMDN (@randomMDN@botsin.space)

🦖 Symbol.isConcatSpreadable 🦖


The Symbol.isConcatSpreadable static data property represents the well-known symbol @@isConcatSpreadable. The Array.prototype.concat() method looks up this symbol on each object being concatenated to determine if it should be treated as an array-like object and flattened to its array elements.

#webdev #JavaScript

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20.04.2024 13:32

Fairly impressive WebGL demo from Little Workshop

Fairly impressive WebGL demo from Little Workshop #webdev #internetisbeautiful #webgl


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20.04.2024 10:58
markjgsmith (@markjgsmith@mastodon.social)

Latest Newsletter: Infinite Peace (Issue #160)

Peak AI, alternative git interfaces, Hendrix, tokenised wine, debt & the boomer industrial complex, arguing about archaeology, future of podcasting, Ai eats european languages


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20.04.2024 10:56
griebie (@griebie@muenster.im)

meetup.com/css-cafe/events/300 Learn #css with the best! #web #webdev

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20.04.2024 10:22
daniel_js_craft (@daniel_js_craft@mastodon.social)

I've used the desk walking treadmill for 1 week now, and I can say for sure I need less coffee. Moving has the same energizing effect as caffeine. And yea, you can code and walk at the same time. Just walk very slowly.

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20.04.2024 10:03
michael (@michael@mstdn.thms.uk)

I’ve worked in web development for what feels like a century. I must’ve written a bazillion redirects in Apache, nginx, php, node, and probably half a dozen other languages/configurations.

And still, to this day, I need to Google ‘302 vs 301’ every single time I write a redirect to remind myself which one is the permanent and which one is the temporary.

If someone has a tip to help me remember, I’ll be forever grateful!

#webdev #webdevelopment

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20.04.2024 09:19
ruby_discussions (@ruby_discussions@mastodon.social)

Automating Rubocop Into Your Rails Development Workflow


Discussions: discu.eu/q/https://youtu.be/zw

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20.04.2024 09:16
floe (@floe@hci.social)

I have an outdoor webcam that takes one 4k JPEG every 2 minutes and dumps it on a web server. Now, I'd like to have an easy way to browse through that stack of images - 760 per day. I cobbled together a little bit of JavaScript, but before I start adding all sorts of bells and whistles to it, would anyone happen to know some existing JS library or code snippet that already does this?

#javascript #js #webdev

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