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25.07.2024 09:13
articles (@articles@jan.boddez.net)

Share on Mastodon v0.19.1

Version 0.19.1—one day I’ll be ready, psychologically, for a 1.0 release—addresses 3 bugs. One had to do with image uploads failing on certain PHP installs. The other two changes should bring the block editor in line with the classic editor. That is: On publish (or update), the “Share on Mastodon” toggle should no longer temporarily […]


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25.07.2024 09:00
weirdo82blog (@weirdo82blog@mastodon.social)

It's not often these days that I answer a daily prompt from WordPress.com, but when I do... well - this one is about music!


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25.07.2024 08:47
hgg (@hgg@wp-social.net)

Great tool for configuring websites in Playground: akirk.github.io/playground-ste
#wordpress #playground

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25.07.2024 04:18
ipstenu (@ipstenu@tech.lgbt)

The site had three parts.

1. The blog - originally a text file change log, then a manually written html, then shtml, then #WordPress.

2. The photo gallery (play taps please)

3. The encyclopedia - called a library, it was on mediawiki, then #Hugo.

Since 1 and 2 have to be scrubbed, it was a no brainer for moving to Hugo. I don’t plan to blog a lot on it anyway.

Twelve hours of work and the longest was picking a damn theme to start with ( gethinode.com ).

Site is up and running. GitHub actions to deploy. The old site is backed up locally. I’ve got a to do list for ongoing improvements. And so it goes.

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25.07.2024 00:00
wpbot (@wpbot@wptoots.social)

Contributing to Open Source Projects wpengine.com/builders/contribu #WordPress #wpdev

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24.07.2024 23:49
techhelpkb (@techhelpkb@mastodon.social)

A week after releasing the troubled version 6.6, WordPress has released version 6.6.1 that fixes seven major issues including two that caused fatal errors


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24.07.2024 23:01
wpbot (@wpbot@wptoots.social)

What’s new in WordPress 6.6? wordpress.tv/2024/07/24/whats- #WordPress #wpmisc

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24.07.2024 22:37
akrennmair (@akrennmair@mastodon.beer)

Fellow #WordPress users, what plugin are you using to gather visit/visitor/page view statistics in a GDPR/privacy-friendly manner? I've been using WP Statistics (which is not the best in the first place), but not happy with it as it seems to undercount, and also says it clashes with caching plugins.

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24.07.2024 22:34
courtneyr (@courtneyr@m.courtneyr.co)

🌍 #WordPress users, enhance your site's accessibility! Equalize Digital's #Accessibiity Checker helps you comply with laws. 20% off the premium plugin with a free account at hub.godaddy.com/benefits/deals.

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24.07.2024 21:58
librarysamurai (@librarysamurai@library.love)

School librarians can face many challenges, some of which are reflected in fictional depictions, and other issues which are not, which is the focus of this Pop Culture Library Review post --> popculturelibraries.wordpress. #liveaction #libraries #schoollibraries #schools #education #fiction #wordpress #librarianstereotypes

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24.07.2024 21:51
amberhinds (@amberhinds@fosstodon.org)

Over the last few weeks, I have spent a lot of time testing different page builders and block libraries for accessibility so I can answer a question I get asked all the time: Which page builder is the best for accessibility?

This blog post shares the results of all my tests and answers that question. What do you think? Do the results surprise you? Or align with your expectations?


#WordPress #accessibility #a11y

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24.07.2024 20:22
pmmueller (@pmmueller@mastodon.social)

A curated list of people on Mastodon. mastodon.social/@seindal/11283

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