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09.05.2024 07:28
tootbrute (

closest thing i've found to a #nixos #yunohost setup

looks neat but I don't understand it at all.

i guess i need to build mine from the ground up.

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08.05.2024 20:23
rochacbruno (

2 weeks ago I had no idea how to host a #Mastodon
Today I have 14 services running on my own domain, with admin panel, backups, monitoring, email, SSO (so good to have the same user across all the services!)

I still need to do some tweaks to the services, but for a single user all running well.

As I am using 2 VPS the total cost is € 9,50/month + a donation of 5€ to :yunohost: project.

I could run everything on my own home, maybe I will do that in the future.

#YunoHost #selfhosting

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07.05.2024 05:06
notes (

Well. I now have a local machine running Nextcloud, and I'm experimenting with an external storage folder and then syncing it with my desktop.

Configuration was a little finicky, and doesn't quite agree with the online documentation for Nextcloud. Might be something special to the YunoHost app. But in this case, the external folder needs to be owned by "nextcloud:nextcloud" (that is user & group).

Synchronization looks like it might take awhile. The whole folder, with all the project files, including EXR renders is 720 GB.

Ah yes, it predicts 10 hours, in fact.

(This is with both machines in my office! I shudder to think how long it would take across the net, especially with my rural ISP).

Perhaps I will find a way to trim that. I could probably make the renders a separate share from the source files, for example.
#Nextcloud #LunaticsProject #YunoHost

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